Sugar addiction affecting recovery?

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First off hello, haven't posted here in a while, but still have been reading. Im still battling this porn thing on and off, things have been good and bad at times, but on i go.

More recently i've made the effort to really get everything in my life together. No more stress, sleeping better, controlling my diet, no more porn ect. I've been doing this for a short time now and feel some benefits. I truely believe this addiction just isn't about porn, porn is a huge part of the problem. However in order to fully recover i felt i needed to make other lifestyle changes that were hurting me. One big one being sugar......

My question is, can having a sugar addiction slow recovery? I'm in relatively good shape but for years now i've been addicted to sugar. I can tell im addicted cause its difficult for me to stop eating sugary foods, the cravings on as strong or stronger than the porn ones,i even get headaches and such. The reason i ask this question is after reading alot of the literature on this site and sugar in general. First i'm aware sugar can lower ones testosterone when consumed to much (at least recent studies state this). However the reason for my questioning is dopamine pertaining to articles i have read (some on this site).

If sugar and porn both stimulate the reward system via dopamine and the D2 receptors. Then couldn't my addiction to sugar effect my addiction to porn and vice versa? I try and stop porn, however if im still giving my brain the strong dopamine rush with sugar, wouldn't i be using up all my dopamine and also slowing the progress of the D2 receptors?

And this may not even just pertain to sugar for some people. Other addictions as well as their are articles that state alot of addicts usually have more than one addiction. My other addiction just happens to be sugar. Its really strange what dopamine can do in terms of brain chemistry. Anyway thats my rant lol. I really appreciate what everyone does on this site, i learn more and more about myself everyday. Probably wont post as much but i will continue to read. Good luck to all in their recovery.

Dopamine is not used up. All

Dopamine is not used up. All addicts have plenty of dopamine. Addiction is a negative feed back system that inhibits dopamine. It's like a dam controlling water. Too much water flooded the plains, so the person in charge is letting out less water.

Eating sugar may cause cravings, and may have repercussions, but it shouldn't affect your reboot through the dopamine system. Addiction is far more than dopamine and dopamine receptors.

Alcoholics recover as they eat donuts, drink coffee and smoke cigarettes.....all in one sitting.