Day 15. Low energy. Weak muscles. Mentally sluggish and poor sleep.

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Is it common to have low energy and almost like a sexual exhaustion once you stop PMO addiction?
Despite starting my third week, every morning is a really huge effort to wake up my mind and body feels so lethargic, weak and heavy. Otherwise, I'm pretty healthy but I can't say because of the addiction and starting the reboot that I'm doing much exercise. I'm just way too tired and exhausted on all levels. Sleep is not amazing either.

Anyone know about this?

Hey bw2011, I'm on day 9,

Hey bw2011,

I'm on day 9, but I've done a lot of reading on the site. For pretty much everybody, it gets worse before it gets better. The timeline for that period is different for each person though. It seems like the lower points tend to be during the first 3 weeks or so. Then it starts to gradually get better day by day. Have you seen the mood graph on the YBOP site?

Also, exercise is a paradox. A highly recommended paradox. It feels like hell to get moving to go, but once you do it you will always feel better afterward (unless you do it to the point of injury). Scrape yourself off the chair, and go for a light walk/jog every day. Honestly I think it's the only thing keeping me going right now. I know that no matter how bad I feel, I will feel good for an hour after I work out.

I'm there with you on the mental sluggishness, and weak muscles. Also feeling just general fatigue, and aching joints throughout the withdrawal so far. Stay with it. And do go get some exercise. No matter what your body is telling you, it needs exercise and you WILL feel better afterward. Any kind of cardio. Walk/Jog/Cycle/Swim, anything.

Mate the last time i

Mate the last time i attempted a reboot i got to 56 days no PMO.. I ended up relapsing in a big way and now here i am day 2, 3 months later lol.. What your going through is normal, everyones different though. I had crazy ups and downs, the first week or 2 i felt like i was getting better increased libido ect.. Then around week 2 the flatline kicked in and its sucks! The on and off depression is what got to me i felt withdrawn and socially anxious. You just got to ride it out, you got to find things to keep yourself busy and your mind off porn/ fantasy and worrying about it. I would say exercise is a must, you'll feel better mentally and physically and its always good to get in shape, chicks like a man in shape Wink lol.. Just don't over do, 4 days a week weight sessions with maybe a little cardio is plenty. I would also recommend limiting the time you spend on the internet, turn images off in your web browser and spend as much time outside socilising ect. Read books anythings better than just staring at a computer screen hours on end. If you've got any other addictions address them now, Its a fresh year, life at the other end of the tunnel is a brighter place im sure of it. You can do it

Thanks very much for your

Thanks very much for your feedback and experiences. I'm trying my best with exercise. I have a new found interest in kayaking and have been doing so for the past few days and will keep it up. I definitely need to get in better shape. My small and bony frame is what has often gotten me depressed and socially distant. I think all the attempts to change things with little determination and slow and small results just took me down a path of instant gratification via PMO. Now it's back to reality and I'm still the same before the addiction even kicked in. Sigh.

Do you think that's part of the reason for depression during withdrawal - it's like the reward system is not there anymore and you have to find new ways to deal with life?

I'll be sure to work on the muscle growth being a new year. I need to better my life's opportunities. I'm hopeful but disappointed at the same time. Thanks guys, it's good to know I can expect things to change.


Your reward circuitry is temporarily "water logged." As it returns to normal sensitivity your perception of many aspects of life will improve. But be patient.

I'd love to go kayaking with you. Smile

hehe. thanks marnia. i'm

hehe. thanks marnia. i'm heading out kayaking tomorrow. actually since i wrote the first post things are looking pretty good. i'm on day 24 as of tomorrow and really happy with where i'm heading energy-wise and with exercise. i'm starting to feel energy return so long as i keep up a bit of activity. if i don't which is pretty standard even for people not on any porn addiction, you just get real sluggish. the excessive pmo would just zap you of energy even more. strange how we don't pick up on the signs. just fixated on thrills and running ourselves in. dumb hey.

but yeah glad for your comments on reinvigorating the exercise routine. starting the gym next week and swimming as well tomorrow so just about where i was a couple of years back :)

oh and sexual desire is there too. not to say i'm using it any time soon but glad to know it's not lost. pretty steady too throughout the day but it's no temptation for me. feel in really good control :D and pornography is just a horrible trap i'm staying right away from.

thanks for setting up this site to help people along.