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Last night I fooled around with a girl I've known for years. We ended up having sex and it turned into a weird experience. I didn't feel the intense attraction to her that I have for girls in the past, and this I attribute to porn, but I did manage to get an erection; however, I was so sensitive that I came after only a few minutes. Does anyone have an opinion in re: casual sex during a reboot? I understand that fooling around with girls is a great way to rewire yourself, but if I'm not ready (and I don't think that I am, even though I'm on week 11) could this be hurting me? The way I see it I need to continue to eschew porn but adopt a masturbation schedule to help with the sensitivity, i.e. if I masturbate infrequently with a firm grip I think this could prevent me from finishing too quickly.

Any thoughts or comments would be appreciated.


Many people have posted about orgasming early during sex after a long reboot. Actually when I relapsed after 95 days I came rather quickly and was VERY sensitive. I think this goes away after a few encounters.