2 weeks then relapse

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Hey, I found this site through yourbrainonporn.com. Anyway, after another unfulfilling sexual encounter with a girl a few months ago... July I think, I realized that porn and masturbation were my problem, I've been at it since my mid teens and like many here, I find it more enjoyable than regular intercourse. Anyway, I went a week at first, but then it was on and off trying to stay away. About a month ago I was with another girl, no intercourse, but she gave me a bj and a hj. It was barely enough, but I finally had my first orgasm with a girl (I'm 22). It really wasn't satisfying so I decided again to try and improve. I had never been able to not masturbate for more than a week until I found yourbrainonporn. I recommitted, but only made it two weeks. I got drunk and indulged myself, and did so again the following day. I did notice that my penile sensitivity was greatly increased. The downside to this is that I also discovered that the rush I get from PMO is larger again, so the past few days have been a strugle with 2 days off the biggest streak since my relapse on the 2nd. But I really want to make this work. On the two weeks off, I felt great! I could tell that girls were checking me out and I was being more assertive around them. Also I've been feeling depressed over the passed few months and this depression all but vanished during those two weeks. I know a reboot would do wonders for me, I just have to keep trying. I feel like reporting in here will give me some sense of accountability, so we'll see how it goes and I'll try to report in on a regular basis. Any comments or questions are welcome.

Sounds like

you're really clear about what you want to do and why. That's great.

Are you exercising? Ever tried meditation? Porn blocker on your computer? Those things all seem to help a lot.

Start your own blog if you care to. Good luck!