One month no pmo. Flu-like symptoms?

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I have made it to about a month of no pmo. I have been doing quite well at it and although I do have a very high libido I do not have intense cravings to look at porn. Emotionally I am feeling better and I am also feeling more mentally stable and productive in every way. I am making goals and I am eager to find more things to do with my time. I barely need my computer these days and I am also excited about spending more time outdoors and doing more constructive activities. I get morning wood every morning, and just a vague erotic thought is enough to get a response from my genitals.

I do have a few questions however. Namely, I have been experiencing strange flu-like symptoms. I have read a few articles on the site about it, but none of them are really the same as what I am experiencing. I have a strange sensation in my sinuses that is alot like the feeling you have when you get the flu, I also have gotten a few mild headaches. Imagine just having recovered a bit from the flu, and having that heavy dull after affect. Has anyone experienced something like this? Could it be from abstaining from pmo? Any insights would be appreciated.

could very well be but i

could very well be but i can't speak from exactly the same experience. i know in my 2 reboot attempts thus far that in the first few days after PMO i do feel feverish and nauseous in the mornings, heavy/hazy head is pretty standard as well. i'm a little surprised you have it especially after a month. no edging or M at all during that time?

Hard to say

I have heard guys report flu-ish symptoms later in the process, but it's just conjecture as to whether they are related. Usually they go away fairly quickly if they're reboot-related. Wish we knew more.

Glad to hear about the other changes.

Any ladies on the horizon??

The symptoms seem to be

The symptoms seem to be going down a little more each day. I'll just continue to observe and report back later on.

So far there are no girls on the horizon, but I go back to varsity soon, so I'll see what happens then.