Day 17

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I have been trying to quit for like four months now. I'm 18. Today would be day 17 no PMO. Last relapse was like December 26, 2011. This is the fourth(or fifth?) time I reach a no PMO reboot cycle that reaches between days 14-21. The last times I got this far, I felt motivated, much more hornier, more energy and by then was starting to get wet dreams again and more confident. Absolutely NONE of that this time around. It sucks. Seriously, what gives? I just like, I don't know, feel like a blob. Everything has this neutral colorless feel. No confidence, energy, horniness. Strong wtf.

It's okay that's a good thing!!!

It is a sign that your brain is healing from the previous cycles of no PMO. And now, you are moving into the withdrawal stage. Remember, your brain had healed a great deal during your previous cycles, and now you are still moving ahead and making progress. Don't think that all was lost because of your relapse. You just took 1 step back after taking 50 steps forward. It's silly to dread over that one step back and forget about the 49 steps forward. This feeling of colorlessness would have happened anyway even without the relapse (albeit probably sooner), and it is all part of the road to recovery. If u have anymore relapses and you go through more long stretches of abstaining, you will feel the withdrawal signs even more and sooner before you start to feel better.

You are on the right path. Hang in there!