Day 7, a few questions

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Hi to all! I'm new here :)

I haven't masturbated since 1 week ago, when I relapsed after 5 days. I watched porn for 10 years, (I'm 22) and that gave me ED. Everytime I wanted sex with my girlfriend, I simply couldn't do it... I masturbated every day, some days even 2 times, "it was easy, felt good and at least I was entertanied a few minutes" I thought. My porn was based 80% in images (drawings , mostly) and 20% videos. That gave me like 2000 images, collected in like 6 years. (I put my old collection in a DVD, very well taped, just because I'm not ready to erase all these drawings, but I'm sure some day I will).

Since the beginning of my reboot, I blocked every website that I used to visit, just to keep me safe, but these last days I'm having a lot of curiosity, even anxiety, because I want to see all these new drawings that I'm sure a lot of artist uploaded.

So... today I saw some of these drawings in other website but not masturbated, I was very curious...

So I want to ask...that's not good, right? Porn is the reason I've ED, but that anxiety I said before grows every day , just thinking "I could watch all these drawings now...". I don't want masturbate, but I want see them.

The main solution is to keep me out of these websites, right? :/

In other hand, my girlfriend lives in another city, so I can only see her every 2-3 months. The last week we were together, I explained her my problem, and she's supporting me on my "duty". I want to ask: Can we masturbate each other when we meet (in like 1-2 months)? I don't know if only a few times every 3 months is harmful to my reboot....(and I think I'm not ready for sex, at least for now)

Thanks to all! (and sorry if I made grammar mistakes, my english isn't very good xD)

Edging is even more than just

Edging is even more than just watching, it's masturbating up to the 'edge', without orgasm. The dopamine spike lasts much longer (up to hours) because you're not orgasming. And usually it will lead to O anyway.


It's normal to look for novelty, especially when you're feeling those withdrawal symptoms. Your brain releases dopamine when you seek, when you anticipate, when you see something new, and something sexy. So those images feel like "medicine" to you now.

Better to get some good feelings in a way that doesn't strengthen that old porn pathway in your brain: exercise, meditation, time in nature, socializing, etc. Remember...your brain doesn't know images from videos. It's all stimulation, and all of it has contributed to the desensitization behind your ED. Sad See this FAQ:

Who knows what you'll be ready for by the time you see her? You may be good to go by then. Let's see how you get on.

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