ANOTHER wet dream...WOW

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This morning I woke up at 3 am since I had to do a couple things and went back to sleep at 9 am. Then I had one of the most intense sex dreams I've ever had, if not the most intense ever. While it was happening it actually felt really good. I woke up only 2 hours later immediately after my wet dream. I posted here earlier when I had my first wet dream since my reboot just 3 days ago, which was day 51. This time I felt much better than I did after my last wet dream but not that great overall.

I'm on day 54 and now, I do feel a little better than when I started, but no huge improvements. At one point at around day 40-45 I felt so good that I was convinced I was fully healed but that feeling only lasted for a few hours. Before my first wet dream I was getting a lot of spontaneous erections and morning wood pretty much every day, but since then not nearly as much.

I was expecting my next wet dream to not necessarily be another 50 days from the first but not THIS soon. I understand that the first one was just a release but I don't know what to make of the second wet dream, so soon.

Based on your experiences and knowledge, does anyone know what to make of this?

I feel my situation is kind

I feel my situation is kind of unique. When I was 18, I was masturbating this one time, and I had this strange feeling in my stomach after I finished like I got the wind knocked out of me, and I couldn't get an erections for almost 2 weeks, perhaps from masturbating about 2 times a day. It took a few months and I pretty much completely recovered. While recovering I still masturbated every few days but not more than once a day and I eventually recovered. I had rock hard erections and I was at a point where I wasn't even wondering whether I was fully recovered or not because I was back to normal.

About 54 days ago, I was feeling fine and I had no problems with ED. I was masturbating and I felt that same strange feeling in my stomach and I knew my ED had come back. I've never heard anyone mention this on these sites. I think I know what this is.

From the YBOP videos - the porn and ED video, it's the dopamine receptors that become numb and can't receive enough dopamine for a full erection - this is not a direct quote but the concept I remember from the top of my head. So the problem is not in your penis. Thus, I feel that porn is not the main issue but the massive amounts of porn that are regularly viewed to rely on erections and masturbation.

When I used to masturbate before, I used to masturbate for a long time during each session, anywhere from 1-3 hours. I was kind of different, I didn't masturbate to porn as much but more to much more images with a decent amount of porn mixed in as well so the images had the same functions as porn. I think the amount of dopamine being released from viewing so many images/girls in each time I masturbated was what caused this.

I haven't had sexual experiences outside masturbation so it should take longer for me to recover right? Many people say they have a difficult time getting an erection with a girl from all the porn, but I **knock wood** wouldn't really have a hard time getting an erection when dancing with a girl, it would be pretty hard probably 80%-85% but not all the way in these past 54 days.

I am not fully recovered but I had 2 wet dreams in the last 3 days, and these are the only ones since my reboot started 54 days ago so you suggested I start a schedule for pornless masturbation. Is it too soon to start masturbating again since I'm not fully recovered, and is it ok if I use a few mild images for a few minutes? I'm thinking once every 7-10 days with mild images? Thanks and I appreciate your help.

So when I masturbate I

So when I masturbate I should do it without fantasy. Fantasies of what? Without images or any visual stimuli aren't fantasies supposed to automatically come into your head? I won't be fantasizing about porn or images but some type of fantasy is necessary isn't it?

Not unusual

There are so many different causes of wet dreams. It's not all about your mind. You may have taken on a foul energy from someone, somewhere or something you ate. Your light may have attracted the attention of a black magician whose role is to keep you in a low vibration.