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Could you please take a moment to update your User Account? If you don't, some of your personal information may soon be lost. Our webmaster would like to merge an "old data form" (from our earlier forum arrangement) with the current input form. This will occur in about a week.

To make sure your account is up to date, please

1. Go to your user account. (Easy ways are to click on your user name in a post, or find your name in the left-hand margin and click on "My account.")

2. Choose "Edit" (to the right of your name)

3. You will see that "Account Settings" is highlighted under your name.

4. Next to "Account Settings" click on "Contact Information." Please indicate if you have some kind of VoIP or instant messaging. (No need to reveal your address; just indicate what is possible.)

5. Next to "Contact Information" click on "Courtly Companion." Indicate if you are willing to be a Courtly Companion. (If you are already a Courtly Companion, don't check the box - unless you would like another one.) If you don't know what a Courtly Companion is, read this post:

6. Next to "Courtly Companion" click on "Personal." MAKE SURE YOU MOVE ANY INFORMATION IN THE "(old profile)" BOXES TO THE BOXES JUST BELOW THEM. The "(old profile)" boxes will soon disappear, along with their contents.

7. Next to "Personal" click on "My Newsletters." Here is where you subscribe to the free monthly newsletter related to this site. (Be fearless about subscribing; you will not be spammed!) See 2008 samples here:

That's it. Thanks!