semen leakage vs wet dream

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Hey guys

I was just wondering whether there is a difference between semen leakage or wet dreams in terms of recovery?

I already know that wet dreams happen during your sleep and semen leakage happens through the urine channel. So please spare me those :d

I'd guess

that the latter would produce more of a brain buzz, and therefore have a higher risk of causing neurochemical ripples. But some guys sail through them without a bump.

Yes .I didnt have wet dreams

Yes .I didnt have wet dreams for almost 20 years while I was masturbating on a daily basis .

But in last 6 months, now that I am trying to bring my masturbation in control, I have had a number of wet dreams. I personally dont worry about wet dreams. I see it as a good sign that everything is ok with my body as wet dreams are a natural phenomenon.