Serotonin: sexual arousal, headaches and exercise

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It just occurred to me why I get a headache whenever I stumble upon sexually arousing material. It seems that both sexual arousal and migraines are associated with low serotonin levels [1]. When you get aroused serotonin drops and headaches appear. Maybe because of the reboot process my serotonin levels are unnaturally low already and every small arousal takes them below some threshold where headaches arise. Good thing exercise, among other things, increases serotonin. Does anyone know how often should you exercise to get the most benefits, or what kind of exercise works best: cardio or anaerobic?

P.S. Some other natural tools to increase serotonin:



Negative emotions or conflict may also lower serotonin, because every time I see a flame war on some blog or news site I get headaches as when I see arousing images. Mysteries of the brain.