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Hello people!

Ive just ended 33 days of no ejaculation. I was watching porn, indulging in fantasies and phone sex. Despite masturbating during this period I noticed some great effects of not ejaculating. More drive and energy, positive mind set, confidence and healthier complexion.

This developed to aggression and my whole body feeling charged with sexual energy and dominant aggression. However after 33 days I literally blew it with 6 full ejaculations.

I now intend to do 100 days of no PMO and hope to find different ways to handle the energy and to control this compulsion which previously held me back. Its not even a sexual need as i dont even get erections without manual stimulation, its more of a mental high which has been described on this great site. Its strange that the energy builds up as a frustration tingling in my upper body and not as a spontaneous erection! It would be more satisfying to smash something rather than have sex! Maybe that will change with time and I will find out and post regularly!

Thanks to Marina and all who work on this site and good luck to everyone who is re booting!

Hahahaha! Thanks Marina


Thanks Marina !

Ive read about the chaser effect, its really difficult to resist it but I simply have to stop all of this nonsense and gain self control.

Im looking forward to it. Bloody difficult in this highly sexualised society but Im 31 and have wasted so many years and neglected so many responsibilities. Life was limited to sexual fantasy. Crazy!

Cant wait to be free!

day 1

Woke up having sexual thoughts about my ex but quickly got up and went training for 2 hours.
It seems whenever my mind is not occupied it strays to sexual thoughts.

Been txting my ex and getting sexual thoughts again so now Im going training again!

Feel charged and aggressive, restless. I think sexual thoughts are a major compulsive addiction. Hopefully they will subside.

No MPO so far!

Day 2



Ive been thinking about it a lot, but we had to draw our relationship to an end.

Maybe in the future something may happen. Im waiting to find a good woman that I can do karezza with. There is one woman, but I find her emotionally draining and quite boring. She also wants a full on relationship which I really do not want at the moment. Too much distraction and waste of emotional energy. I wouldnt mind if she just wanted karezza and I dont want to play and games with her so I will wait until the right girl comes along.

Today has been ok. Had sexual thoughts on waking up but was busy all day and they resided.

yes , I wouldnt mind if it

yes ,

I wouldnt mind if it could be simply physical, but there is actually a whole bag of emotions attached so its better to avoid it. I would actually love to be able not to want or desire anything. To me that is total happiness and freedom.

I have found that anything other than a totally physical relationship can become poisonous.

Thanks for the advice!

I seem to get a natural high

I seem to get a natural high just looking at attractive women, this mental fantasy can mess with my subconcious mind so when Im falling asleep or waking up I have a strong urge to masturbate. Im thinking about women and sexual fantasy whenever my mind is not occupied. I would love to feel free and at ease.

feeling aggressive, Heavy

feeling aggressive,

Heavy breathing, aggitated, aggressive, feel energy flowing in my head, shoulders, chest and arms. Could be because of training earlier but I think its an underlying mental sexual frustration. An itch for a mental or physical high.

Bourne, you must try and

Bourne, you must try and distract yourself through activity. Maybe a friend at the gym? Better to go out and meet an actual woman than succumb to the temptations of this nasty habit that you are all trying to overcome.

Me I've been porn free now for nearly a month. I do masturbate still about once a day if I'm not having sex that day and I do have sex I usually skip it.

The feelings from relieving yourself from these problem will not only restore your own self-respect and honor but I really think they will build on themselves. Get your head straight Bourne, you can do it!

if you can avoid masturbation

you will be better off, at least in my experience. The key is to have a woman to bond with and have non-orgasmic sex with, at least that's what's worked for me so far. I have a very strong sex drive although I'm not 18 years old anymore. But I have found that my life is so much improved that it's not even on the same planet. I think it's totally worth it not to masturbate. BUT, you have to have a way to channel all that energy, and without a woman it is more difficult. I do think you will attract girls to you and have someone to mess around with before you know it anyway, if you don't already. The Universe will provide :)

Thank you all for your

Thank you all for your support. All true words, just need to use more will power!

It started by using the internet. I was watching UFC and they advertised a female fighter who was stunning. Without thinking I searched her, then her pics, then links to other women that are always training, then on to more women, then I did what I shouldnt have done!

Once I finished I thought 'what have you just done you idiot, was it worth it?'

I only realise once Ive done it, before that Im in auto pilot.

I find so many triggers on TV and on line but I feel too weak to go without TV despite having three essays that I need to sumbit within three weeks.

I know what I have to do, but there is some weakness stopping me.

t started by using the

t started by using the internet. I was watching UFC and they advertised a female fighter who was stunning. Without thinking I searched her, then her pics, then links to other women that are always training, then on to more women, then I did what I shouldnt have done!

Interesting psttern. Today I heard an actress being interviewed on the radio and did the exact same thing- almost. I was curious what she looked like so i googled her from work. The google search led to other gossip blogs, etc but that was it. It ended there. I did not even occur to me to masturbate to her pics or videos later on. The urge was gone.

Day 4,

Day 4,

Had sexual fantasy in the morning, almost became a trigger to some stupidness. Half asleep states are worse for me as its difficult to exercise mental control when your minds half asleep.

Day 5

Day 5

Good training, got out of bed as soon as I woke up and went out.
Helps prevent the sexual thinking.

Not having sexual thoughts really helps keep the mind clear and undistracted. Its actually more enjoyable than being flooded with mental clutter!