Guy tells girl he no longer watches porn

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I have a quick story to share concerning this issue. I've been a little worried myself lately about how girls will react when I tell them that I don't fap/watch porn. Well, last night a girl texted me asking how my weekend was, yadda yadda. We texted for probably a couple hours. Anyways, at one point she asked what I was doing and I told her I was watching a movie. She said, "if you want real entertainment why not watch porn? " I think she was trying to get me to sext with her or something idk. I wasn't gonna do that so I just told her the truth, which is that I no longer watch porn because I feel better without it. She was curious and asked why because she thought all guys do it. I told her most do, but most are also addicted to it on some level and it desensitizes you to the real thing. I told her I'd rather have the real thing and I feel more open and interested in women when I don't do it. She ended up saying all these things about how she thinks its so awesome that I don't and that makes me a better man and I must get with all kinds of girls anyways (lol if only that were the case). Bottom line was that she thought it was great that I'm doing this, and I have a feeling most women would feel the same way.

So guys, don't be afraid to be honest with a girl about not fapping/watching porn. I think most prefer not to watch porn anyways, so if anything it will give you some brownie points. Plus it makes you seem more alpha and in control of your life.

-told girl I don't watch porn
-she asked why I stopped
-tried to explain it to her
-she thought it was awesome