cant make it past 4 days

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im a pretty normall guy but relised i was hooked about 2 weeks ago and wanted to stop it taking over my life..but i cant do it, just when im thinking its going well i manage to blow it at 4days ...this isnt long at all!!

i wondered how many ppl also find it hard and what they did to get over it


You may find comfort in reading

all of Asher's posts. He went through withdrawal about the same way. He's doing well now, although he has stopped writing because he got to the point where even discussing recovery was too much talk about sex. He wanted to put his attention on other things, like his spiritual practice. You could probably write him privately, however.

Here's a list of his posts:

Good luck! Feel free to keep posting. I've enabled you to blog, if you need to. Instructions are here: