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My website is This is the mission statement on the site.

What is Celestial Passion?

Celestial Passion is Perfect Sex, as the Universe intended it to be.

There are Emotional Orgasms in multiples.

There is the healing release of the poor programming of your subconscious mind.

There is a waking up of energy, such as a Kundalini Raising, and many other fantastic shifts of awareness.

There is a waking up of psychic gifts---the inner voice, seeing visions. And commanding it to be so and things simply materialize into your life.

There is the sweet feeling of oneness with your lover, which spills over into your relationship with everyone you meet, eventually spilling over into your relationship with God---bringing you into Union with God, with All That Is.

There is more! There is the creation of a Light Body which enables you to ascend as a Master, and rejuvenate your physical form as well.

But, Celestial Passion isn't really about orgasms, healing the psyche, or even connecting with God, although all these things are included. It's about balance. Celestial Passion is the art of balancing male and female energies between lovers and within ourselves.

The process isn't complicated to understand. Although it took me a long time to understand, and I'm still learning.

A Vision

I sat in meditation and prayed, then said in a firm voice, "It is commanded that I be cast out of my body and be taken up into the light by beings of light. . . . Show me." I saw myself being pulled from my body by two angels and taken upward into the light. I felt peace, love, Union State. I found myself approached by a Father figure, God, and then a Mother figure. I told them how hard it was and that I needed help. She kissed me and He leaned over and put something around my neck. It was a flame hanging on a chain. "You are the keeper of the Sacred Fire," He whispered. I descended and reentered my body. Now when I think of the flame around my neck, the feeling of peace I felt when I stood in the light washes over me.

We are all keepers of the Sacred Fire. It is what Moses called down out of heaven to light the sacred altar. It is what flows through us all to keep us alive. On it's deepest level, it is Love.
May I share my love with you through this website.

Hi Sam

I can understand your enthusiasm, and I'm glad you're finding the courage to talk about the ideas. Thanks for letting us know about your site, but please do not post any more links to it. I don't like to play policeman for commercial links, and not all are equally relevant.