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I thought you might like to know about a special event in the UK which is relevant to some of topics being discussed on this forum - in particular the use of Tantric techniques for sexual healing and self liberation:

The London Festival of Tantra will be held on 27 September 2008 at Chelsea Old Town Hall. It is an opportunity to explore and experience a fresh perspective on Tantra as an intellectual and practical way to achieve personal and spiritual empowerment. Some of the world's most inspiring teachers will discuss Tantra relating to sexuality, personal realisation, and spiritual consciousness. Topics will include Tibetan Buddhist Tantra, Kundalini and Hindu philosophy, Tantric Kriya Yoga, Celtic Tantra, and the use of Tantra as a tool for spiritual exploration, sexual healing, and self liberation. Participate in meditation, yoga, and chakra dancing; see stunning artwork and exciting performances; meet people from many cultures and beliefs. Tickets £50 in advance.

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