Orgasm Withdrawal Symptoms? Believe it!!! ( Part 2 )

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Hello again everyone,

This is Part 2 of what may shape up to be an epic mini-series: "Orgasm Withdrawal Symptoms? Believe it!!!" I think I'm on Day 9 now.

I slept in yesterday morning and was feeling more on a high note. I began to feel as if there is a creative force or energy inside of me coming alive that had been dormant for years, ever since I suffered a major depression a number of years ago. I thought a lot about my career yesterday. Many people with my talents have been employed by the military and on military contracts. I deeply respect my fellow citizens who commit themselves to military service, but I have a gut feeling that the purpose of my life ( if my life can be said to have a purpose ) is not to design weapons. I can't really say why. Anyhow, I found myself lying awake late into the early morning last night thinking frantically about this.

I felt that the nervousness and jitteryness was giving way to a more energized, creative mindset, but then I lost my temper at some government office where I had an argument with a clerk about some silly document that I was supposed to show to them.

I remain grateful for the fact that I emphatically *do not* feel any kind of constant need for 'relief'.

Sounds like you're doing remarkably well

Personally, I have noticed that my *prime* post-O symptom is probably erratic urges to bite off someone's head. That clerk is lucky s/he encountered you instead!

I have a dear friend who's an engineer (just guessing about you) who IS indirectly working for the military...although she insists she doesn't design weapons. (However, I suspect some of her work is spying equipment that could be used domestically, too.) She is such a shiny woman. It always makes me sad. *sigh*

I had a boyfriend in Germany

I had a boyfriend in Germany once who deliberately decided to get his doctorate in biochem instead of physics because he thought it more likely he could find a job in that field that lined up with his personal ethics than if he had gone into physics as he had wanted to do.

I have another ex who is now getting his Masters studying cannabinoid receptors. He will probably end up going into the pharmaceutical industry for the money, even though he doesn'e believe in pills as much as plants.

Science is such a powerful tool, its really sad when its funded in all the wrong places. For example, there are probably a host of fascinating research opportunities implied in this site, but not surprisingly, little financial inscentive to verify, confirm, or explore a practice that could potentially dissintegrate the need for birth control within partnerships, or do away with "sex-enhancing drugs" (viagra and whatever the woman's version of that is) alltogether.