How many more lies are there?

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A lady friend recently sent me this video about natural unassisted childbirth: -

It makes me wonder now how many more lies about the human mind and body are perpetuated everyday by society. First, we are told that the role of sex is to satisfy the woman and make sure orgasm is achieved (this has now been proven harmful by researchers such as Marnia), and also we are told that a womans' birth is an innately painful experience. Yet, if one reads the work of Ina May Gaskin and other accounts also of natural births amongst native americans; they were relativley pain-free and complication-free. I'm really wondering now if there is a connection between a high dopamine\high cortisol or prolactin cycle in daily-life from stress-induced relationships and the final pregnancy itself; which affects the state of mind of the person who is pregnant (with the state of the psyche crystallizing into hormonal problems). Perhaps this accumulated stress in the nervous system helps also to exarcebate the extent of womens' problems both during and after pregnancy. I wouldn't be surprised, to be honest. As our societies generally have for so long - been body negative and anti-woman and pretty much trying to 'beat' nature or 'control' nature with drugs.

Now before one asks; "what has this got to do with sexual relationships?" it is important to realise that childbirth is the result of a sexual act; and thus it is reasonable for one to assume that it is affected by the manner and energies and hormones generated by that.


~Love Gnosis