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I'm form Brazil. Sorry if I do some mistakes when writing in English. I rarely speak English here and I don't remember much things from school.

I need help. Prays. I Known what happens. I read Samael, I read Noyes, I read Karezza, I read much things and I'm still having problems with porn, masturbation and I have difficulties with my girlfriend. She suffers a lot and I make she sad too.
Please, help me. I'm a sad person, I don't like myself. I have strength to deal with this. And I need support too.
I will win. It's a sure thing. God is helping me even I made so much mistakes. I'm winning, but today I fall. I saw much porn, three hours. Yesterday too. I justify this things and I hide this.

Please. If possible pray to help me. Pray, is something I really need. Thanks everyone who remember this boy form Brazil that is needing support.

Thank you, Thank you very much for this website. God is blessing me with it. God give me strength, because I need him so much.

Dear you

thank you for your struggling. I'm with you. And I'm sure that it is quite difficult in Brazil with all the Samba-Cult and -culture. I'm with you, hold the line, you will succeed. Try the "Ecstatic Exchanges", Marnia is describing in her book. That will help you to get away from your addiction.
Hold the line and take care, you will make it!

Thank you. I really

Thank you.

I really appreciate your friendship. The culture here is very difficult, but not as tv shows. Brazil is very big. I leave in the south, our culture is different from Rio de Janeiro, for example. But funk is in all the country and here it is very dirt (sorry, I don't have another word to say this).
Again. Thank you.


Welcome Jacó

I wish we had a way to make your journey easier. At least we're here to listen and encourage you.

Your English is fine, by the way. I enabled you to blog. Here are the instructions:

I don't know if this will provide inspiration, but here is a video of some key concepts, with subtitles in Spanish, done by a friend in Chile.

If your girlfriend is willing to try a program of three weeks of affectionate activities, which may help balance you both again, let me know, and I'll email them to you.

A big cyber hug!

Hi. Thank you for helping


Thank you for helping me. It's really good have some help. I really appreciate the email that Marnia promises to help me. I want the mail.
There will be difficult times. But I know God Help me and everyone.


Love yourself

You say you are a sad person and that you don't like yourself. BUT you are not the desire and lust that you feel, you are the one who feels that something is wrong and is trying to change things for the better. So what is there not to like about you? I think it will be much easier for you if you try to appreciate the good things about you! Instead of feeling bad about the things you don't like about yourself, feel joy that you have the wisdom to seek change!

You can do it! I'm in the same boat as you, day four now for me and it sure ain't easy!

Better and better every time! Wink

This addiction is simply the

This addiction is simply the extreme manifestation of nature's seeming program to get you breeding with as many females as possible; and passing on your dominant genes. Its a power-trip; as male power is transferred and acquired through sexual desire and possesion of woman.

In reality; this program of nature is not our true innate nature - as the nature of the world reflects the spiritual state of man and woman. When they are apart, the world becomes gradually imbalanced and love degrades into lust and greed. Harmony can only come through internal balance and harmony; where you first start with balancing yourself within and then completing this balance by reuniting with your other half. Of course....the world will resist this and insist that the hope of re-uniting in complementary equality is impossible. The result? Distance between the sexes, chemical cycles, stress, lust, alienation, and distractions.

Stick with it; be positive and never despair of yourself.