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I imagine there are a lot of people visiting this site whose lightbulbs are all going off at the same time :)

I wanted to tell you about a story drawn by Moebius, one of my favorite comic book artists. It starts with a scene of a human running across a landscape. We then learn that this human is actually an all-terrain vehicle being operated by another smaller human from inside the larger human's head. This smaller human turns out to be a replica of another human, who is safe aboard a space ship, off-world.

It helped me when recovering from my dopamine cycle, to remember that we are not the body that is experiencing the highs and lows of punishment/reward. We are the ones running the program, and discovering that we have the power to change the program.

Be patient and forgiving, but persistent in your intention to create a better experience for yourself. xo

I've been having the same

I've been having the same pattern of thought except I haven't seen that comic. I say it to myself when my urges get to strong. This urge has only one purpose and that is to provide my reptilian brain with a kick ass dopamine rush. And as pleasurable as that might be it doesen't help me one bit with my purpose on this planet to grow and evolve. It doesn't serve my being as a whole! It works sometimes, sometimes not! hehe

Better and better every time! Wink

It's good to keep

a sense of humor about it. It IS a joke in a way...a primitive mechanism that was simply not designed for constant overstimulation, even though it could handle an occasional binge (mating season back in the day).