One in a row! :)

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I have been spreading the gospel about non-orgasmic existance and how great it is (who would've thought?). My best friend is at this point completely impervious to my enthusiasm, as are most people. I haven't found the right key to speaking with them about it. But I did have dinner with someone last night who I like very much, and am just getting to know. I like her because she is open to new ideas, and is a very rational thinker, and also has a goofy sense of humor. She's just starting a relationship with a very gentle man, smart and handsome...and not arrogant (I've met him, good vibe). She has been burned by relationships in the past, of course. The conversation turned to neurochemistry and I spoke of heroine and dopamine and orgasms, oxytocin, bonding behaviors, and sustainability as a good general rule. She asked if there was a book I could recommend. Wink I lent her "Peace Between the Sheets" that very night...

Next stop Oprah!


It's quite a stretch

for most of us. I know it was for me. Smile But even if people don't get it, it's good to share the information. That way, as they go forward they can begin to make their own experiments...without getting totally discouraged.


What a funny idea!

I can offer one tip - after the initial effort. Especially if you are trying to explain it to a potential sweetheart, don't try to explain the details yourself. Send the person to read about it at the site, or in one of the free karezza books.

That way you duck the projections (the "shoot the messenger" reflex) of the most intense resistance (inevitable). Believe me, you don't need that. Smile

After the person has a chance to vent privately, you can share more of your personal observations.