Overdoing it: Semen retention leading to depression

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This is an absolutely fascinating and relevant site the more I dwell into it, here goes my problem (perhaps this has been discussed earlier): Over the last couple years I've been trying to cut down masturbating->orgasm because I sense I'm too vulnerable to the dopamine roller-coaster and basically wanna 'save my semen' (yeah, I'm male) for finding me a partner and practise exercising on a higher level. Years ago I would orgasm 2-3 times a week, and now I'm down to once every 7-12 days or so for now. I don't really have the urge to masturbate these days, however I feel after day 4 or 5 a neurochemical 'depression' set it which grows stronger every day, leading to great apathy around day 7. In everyday life it leads to skipping the dishes, the laundry, and common stuff that doesn't include a great chemical reward but 'just needs to be done'. I can look at my messy kitchen on day 14 and think: OK, I need to ejcaulte NOW to fix this, and 'rub it out', and then the next day I actually have the motivation to clean it up! Smile
However I feel I'm trapped in this circle. I read peoples comments that after 7-14 days they are starting to break free from the orgasm-induced motivation for life, and becoming independent of orgasms for a balanced life quality, but I never get that. I've gone as far as 17 days and life was SO BORING and I had food cravings, and little need to socialize (not helping me to find a partner!). So I'm thinking my oxytocin hits the bottom after ~a week triggering growing apathy even with dopamine surges from tasty food, vigorous exercise, etc. I don't understand how some people can gain more energy from abstinence when I lose my creativity, motivation, happiness etc. the longer I go. Socializing with other people, doing positive things for others, etc. help alittle in the process but not enough.

Seminal Retention

Dear "allowing:"
After reading your post from some time ago referring to abstinance and depressive cycling and energy level fluctuations, I wanted to ask if you are familiar with the technique of seminal retention that allows you to have an orgasm without the ejactulation?

It is also called a "dry orgasm."

I first read about it in a book entitled, "Sexual Secrets."

I believe the book is still in print.

Anyway, this book gave a specific technique for stopping the seminal fluid from leaving the penis when orgasm is reached. I began practicing and it happened effectively after the second try.

You can practice this when self-pleasuring and with partner sex.

It's simple. Simply take the middle and index finger of whatever hand is most convenient and apply firm pressure to the perineal floor muslces (between the testicles and anus on the lowest portion of the exterior abdominal cavity). Your two fingers will rest easily on the flat portion of skin there. As you pull up they will gently close off the pathway for seminal fluid to be released. The fingers become a lock. And if you know how to do Kegel Exercises (contracting and releasing the perineal floor muscles), you can also apply a kegel lock when applying the finger pressure to give added strength to prevent any fluid from escaping.

Keep the finger pressure consistent for as long as you are experiencing the pleasurable sensations of orgasm. And hold it a few seconds after you are through, to make sure the fluid remains within the body.

Timing of the fingers and the right pressure are important. If you wait too late after orgasm begins you'll probably shoot out some ejaculate. Less than enough pressure and the same thing occurs.
Practice will make it understandable.

This way you can enjoy the stress-relieving benefits of orgasm and retain your energy.

Mantak Chia, foremost author on cultivating male and female sexual energy, is a good read.
As you get good at this you can then circulate your energy to other parts of the body for healing and rejuvenation...

I believe Mantak Chia recommends a release of seminal fluid according to your body's needs. As we listen we understand what it needs. Conservation may be important at one time while releasing pent up energy may be important at another time.

A conservative recommendation might be to enjoy sexual orgasm whenever you like but ejaculate only once a month.

Some men can retain the vital fluid for longer, The body will guide us in that understanding.

I like the idea I read about one couple who had an agreement that they would have sex everyday.

If you are alone and lacking the intimate touch of a partner, then self-pleasuring daily could prove vital to your well-being. I would tend to think that depression might occur when there is less touch and sexual cultivation of energy.

Maybe I'll try my own ideas out in a practice of daily sexual pleasure.

Good luck "Allowing," and may the force be with you.