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I was wondering how long the withdrawals go for? I've given up smoking which has the same kind of withdrawals where i notice if you make it to 1 month you are in the safe zone. How about giving up masturbation and porn? It's been a week for me now but i need to know if the withdrawals do go away and after what period of time? Can anyone outline a time frame of 1 year for me after you give it up?

Believe it or not,

it was only just over a year ago that you porn folk began to arrive. So there aren't many people with a year's history, and once someone is under control, they tend to move on. (A site where you are reading about sex all the time isn't necessarily the best place to hang out. Smile )

One man who has been sober a year, and sometimes still checks in is this man. http://www.reuniting.info/user/561

You could write him.


I've just been reading a book that I want to write an article on, and it has an excellent suggestion that applies to overcoming any addiction.

Once you understand that porn addiction is a learned behavior, and that your challenge is to "unlearn" it, there is a tool that can help a lot when the urge to look at it strikes. Tell yourself that you won't look for at least 15 minutes, and meanwhile turn your attention to a pre-selected constructive alternative activity. Examples might be a breathing exercise, a favorite exercise routine, meditation, making your favorite healthy snack, putting on some music you like, recording your thoughts in a journal, taking a cold shower ;-), or whatever. It doesn't matter, as long as it's something you can do immediately, and automatically, instead of giving in to your compulsion.

At first selecting the alternative activity will require a mighty exercise of your will. However, when you consciously direct your attention to something, it grows easier to turn your attention to it again in the future. You are actually rewiring your brain. So each time you turn your attention away from your cravings, toward your chosen activity, you strengthen the new pathway in your brain, and weaken the old automatic response. (For an excellent book on this, see "The Mind and the Brain" by Jeffrey M. Schwartz, MD, who uses this technique successfully with obsessive-compulsive disorder patients.)

The value in distracting yourself with the *same* activity over and over is that you can actually train yourself to the point where the urge to look at porn automatically triggers the response of doing your favorite breathing exercise, or whatever. So consistency is good in this instance.