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Hello everyone,
Just a couple of lines to introduce myself and the blog I started on Reuniting.

I am a 26 years old male, single, who is (was? Hope ;)) addicted to masturbation while endulging in porn pictures/videos. My blog has a more extensive introduction, if you are interested.

I am ready to quit for good. I already lost a good part of my youth with women I never encountered and will never encounter. At 26, it's time to call it quits and take control of my life once and for all. I already took some major steps, like physically destroying all my porn DVDs and CDs and sanitizing my hard disks and browsers.

I will detail my journey in my blog as often as possible. I will use all the techniques in my arsenal, including self-hypnosis, NLP and EFT. I hope that my experiments and, hopefully, success will inspire and help others in my situation, which is quite pathetic right now Wink

Thanks for your attention.

It might help

to be gentle with yourself. This problem may look pathetic to you now, but you (and many other millions of guys) stumbled into it quite innocently. Don't judge yourself or others harshly. There's nothing wrong with liking women, and being attracted to sexual cues is hardwired right into you because it served the species well for a long time (in terms of sustaining scanty populations).

The trouble is that at the time your brain evolved, there *was* no internet, probably very little child sexual abuse, and probably very little opportunity for hook-ups with women you barely knew (all of which are ways to make you usually sensitive to sexual cues thereafter...and less inclined to value deeper connections with mates).

In those early days, it wasn't easy to over-stimulate yourself with such intensity. Therefore, it was a lot harder to get drawn into an addictive cycle of highs and lows. Nothing like technological progress and increased isolation, eh? Smile

Everything you're learning now will serve you (and quite possibly others) throughout your other areas, too. (Knowing how your reward circuitry works is useful.)

And don't be afraid of sex in the future either. If you *really* want to avoid that cycle, you can become a karezza master (learn to make love without orgasm). That way you get the soothing intimacy, without the ticking bomb. Wink (That probably doesn't strike you as a particularly appealing goal just now. But it's an option.)

So...what are you doing to socialize more?


...appreciate the encouragement, as always. :)

My main fear is that orgasm is inevitable in order to become a Karezza master, I guess.. after all practice (at anything) is built upon making mistakes, less and less until you get it right.

Is there a recommended period of abstinence before starting with the practice, by the way?

To socialize.. I guess I will either join some kind of active club, like theater or movies or something, and eventually build from there. I guess I will also look into social networking, but frankly I had enough of a life behind a screen. The key is to be proactive, nobody will knock at my door if I simply stare at walls.

But right now, I feel quite down. I can almost feel the chemicals fighting inside the neurons. :O


you may find that you're a natural for karezza, since it calls for a slow roll down the runway when you find a sweetheart. Also, and without all the intense arousal you've been watching :-), you may find that control is quite possible.

You'll know when you're ready. Karezza's something you do *with* a partner, so by all means ignore those evil bickering neurochemicals and take some constructive steps to share yourself with the world. Wink That's the best way to find one.