Things to do when in the Danger Zone

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What have people found to help when one is in the 'Danger Zone', which for myself is a particular time of day when it is habitual to 'do' porn?

I would like to see a plain and simple list of strategies, the more variety the better so people can pick what suits them.

One problem is the subversion of the Will at this time. We begin the day with the best of intentions, but at the end of the day change our minds. What can be done to subvert the primitive brain's signals instead?

re: the danger zone

what i've been doing when i feel vulnerable is reading posts/blogs on this website. it helps me to stay focused on my goal and realize the short-term relief i would experience from giving into porn is not worth it! it's not worth the days of beating myself up over it, and the having to start all over from day one. God knows the start-over has happened more than enough times already.

My list

In order of efficacy/praticalness:

0. Of course, the best method is to create an environment free of temptations. It's half of the job! I know it's very difficult to do that since porn is so readily available via browsers. You can use software blockers and stuff like that, but we all know that it's really a crap shot. Too easy to disable. Some of the strategies I use are:

- Schedule article reading and email on specific times of the day, and then disable the connection.
- Move to another room without any kind of telephone plug with my laptop, if I really need to work with my computer.
- If times are really though, work in a room with people or a cafe. You can isolate yourself from noise through in-ear earphones.

1. Hijack my thoughts toward a neutral image. I found out that the triggers, even the external ones, ultimately translate intto mental pictures or mental movies which cause arousal and ultimately masturbation. After all, everything goes through your brain before being converted into a physical behavior. With time this becomes an automatism, and you may not even be aware of the intermediate steps - but they are there! At the beginning it's quite difficult, it's like regaining control of a skidding vehicle in a frozen road. But with practice it gets easier. Just decide beforehand the pictures/movies you want to use, so you don't have to waste time deciding while in the danger zone. This is the best method. You only have to show the will to apply it, then your brain does the rest. It is much more difficult to apply willpower while you are already on a "6" in the hypothetical arousal scale.

2. Change room. I noticed that I tend to associate certain places and certain objects with arousal. Removing myself from the environment breaks the mood. If you don't live alone, pay a visit to your flatmate(s)/family member(s). This virtually eliminates the possibility of masturbation and it is distracting.

3. Talk with a friend on the phone.

4. Watch some funny videos which make you laugh out loud. Laughter is a great pattern interrupt! It's quite impossibile to feel the urge to masturbate while laughing. In this period I use Jeff Dunham videos. This guy is a comedic genius and doesn't matter if I actually know his material by heart, it always make me smirk at the very least. Check out Achmed The Dead Terrorist! [bigsmile]

I think that's all. I'll update the post if anything else comes to mind.