Oprah and Dr. Laura Berman on Sex

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My goal is to get Oprah and Dr. Laura Berman to talk about Reuniting/Karezza. They have a huge audience and their focus is on how to connect and getting to the O. They are having a sex webcast on Friday 1/16 at 9 PM (8c). Let's get the word out!
I would love to see Marnia and Gary on the Oprah show.
Much Love and Success to you all


I don't have the connection capability to participate in the webcast...they are asking for participants. I sure would to see the Reuniting point of view addressed.
No O this year, and loving all of the positive changes. I now define myself as a man who enjoys sex in all ways and who does not seek orgasm
Much Love


The note I sent Oprah from your link:
After 40+years of masturbation and using pornography, I am now 14 days without seeking an orgasm. Pornography no longer has a point for me. I was introduced to this idea by Marnia Robinson and Gary Wilson at their Reuniting site. They have a book "Peace Between the Sheets" that I have not yet read. They present a very thorough understanding of the physiology of orgasm and how it may be addictive and damaging to a marriage. Avoiding or not seeking orgasm is not a subject I have seen you discuss. I have been on a neurochemical roller coaster for such a long time. Now I have a real sense of freedom. I have not experienced the usual irritability after 3-4 days without sex and find myself consistently more affectionate. My wife is responding to my overtures more positively. I am not able to participate in the 1/16 webcast. Where can I find your response?
Best Wishes to you all
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The National Cheerleaders for Orgasm are doing a webcast TODAY! at 8 PM central time. I don't have the technology to participate. I would really like the Reuniting point of view expressed on that show.
Would somebody please step up to this opportunity?
Much Love


I think your right, we need open exposure about this posture.
It is hard, weird, unusual,
Thanks for the space


There's no way they would have listened. You can't badger people with this information. On the other hand, when they're ready, they almost drag it out of you. Smile We'll just have to trust the timing.

I haven't brought myself to watch the broadcast yet (it's always a bit frustrating), but I will.

Don't watch it

Marnia, I'm sure it's a show full of pain and getting close to the point and missing it. I was hoping for somebody from here to participate in the webcast to give a different point of view (ours). The opportunity has passed and will come again
Best Wishes


The timing is right for me and I am so grateful that you all are here creating this space for this important work.