New member hello. On day 10.

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Hi All,

First post here. Never thought I would be posting to a site like this. Actually I'm a little afraid of talking (typing actually) out loud about this. It's hard to do. It's been my secret for so long. There is a nervous tightness in my stomach right now but my rational mind tells me that this is safe. Also, there is a part of me that needs to do this.

I've not read much of this site yet but the things I have read so far have really spoken to me. Perhaps on some future post I will explain why I've decided to abstain, but for now I just want to say that I am on day 10 and am surprised that I've made it this far.

In the last part of the fist week my energy increased and it was like I felt bouncy and wanted to talk a lot.

On day 7 I had a physical ailment I've had for several months finally go away!! I know my body, mind, and spirit are starting to heal. The past couple of days I've had some bumps appear on my skin. I believe it is a deeper cleansing starting that my body has not been able to do. I'm feeling a bit emotionally and physically down, but not like I have in the past. It is more like a relaxed "down time" that my body needs. And this time I can see the light at the end of the tunnel once my body gets through this period.

I was stressed today and looked at porn but was surprised that I didn't even care about it. I meant nothing to me. I closed the sites and went on to doing other things.

Thank you for this site. I feel there is a new me emerging.