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I went two weeks without making love trying this method. I am doing it for many reasons. The main reasons is to help my girlfriend so that she does not have so much pressure on her for sex! I'm trying to show her the other side of love. :) It was a great two weeks also. Full of love and giving. Well, I went the two weeks and literally the desire for her became unbearable. :) We made love and that changed things a bit. Well, it has been two days now and today- I literally am going crazy. I NEVER HAVE sexual thoughts during the day. I AM HAVING MAJOR thoughts about my girlfriend!!! I feel out of control. It's literally crazy. My hands were literally shaking a bit when I was around her. I love her so much and am trying so hard but this is crazy. What in the he%^ is going on? Is this the withdrawal symptoms listed on this site? The dopamine and prolactin? I have never in my life felt how I am feeling right now. She is the most beautiful person in the world and I'm literally fighting not to let go around her. The restraint is beyond words. Any advice. I feel like I'm going nuts. :)


Well, the Taoists

once recommended keeping a bowl of ice water next to the bed, to dip your penis in. Smile

Yes, I think it IS part of the withdrawal cycle. The mammalian program calls for exhausting sexual desire for a mate...before getting restless and finding new prospects cuter than a current sweetheart. (Male rats copulate about 8 times...before shrugging and walking away.)

Just curious, did you try connecting and lying still? Or go straight from non-intercourse bonding behaviors to business-as-usual with climax?


I had been struggling all that day!!!! I approached her and could not keep my hands off of her. She did giggle and thought it was hilarious (flattering) I would never hurt her and would stop immediately if she was offended. There wasn't a whole lot of connection. I kinda let go. I have not read the book yet. But, I'm trying to use examples from this site. I probably made a mistake. All I know is that the intensity of what I feel right now is something I am not used to. I DO NOT look at other women or look at porn. All I do know is that I sure am looking at her and thinking about her like I have never ever done before!!!!!!!!! Crazy stuff.

I wouldn't call it a mistake

How do you think I learned what I learned? Wink

I know I sound like a broken record, but the best way to calm yourselves is usually to put your attention on doing some bonding behaviors for each other with full concentration on nurturing your partner.

You can find a list here: (choose the tamer massages, like feet, head, etc. It's good to have something to *do* when you have a lot of pent up energy...instead of just hugging, etc.)

You can also browse through these to find something fun: (refresh page until you find one you like...pic doesn't change)

Or I can send the Exchanges to you.

It may take several days to calm down, but you can do a lot of giggling meanwhile.:-)


My point was that those rats didn't look at any new rats until they had *fully* exhausted themselves. Your system is not exhausted yet. *giggle*