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In our continuing effort to make this a safe place, we have now added a members-only option for forum and blog posts. Checking the "private" box below the body section of the post-creating page will allow the finished post to be visible only to administrators or other bloggers, but not to unregistered users or those who are not logged in. Feel free to use this option at your own discretion, and reply here if you have questions or problems with it.


Is there a way to make it even more private where new users go through a probationary period before being able to see these private posts? Kinda like how blogs need to be turned on manually for each new user?


Before putting the new webmistress through a lot of trouble, my question would be, does anyone really want these extra privacy options? Most of us post under pseudonyms; why do we need more privacy than that?

My dear CF,

The current system was no trouble at all to implement, and was done under the assumption that the people who wanted more privacy were not the type who were going to post publicly in order to ask for it. Make sense?

But I think it makes sense for now to just have blogging and reading privileges linked, to make things simpler.

Not much :-)

People who are too shy to post publicly can PM you (Amari) or Marnia to ask for privacy features, or just PM whatever user they want to talk to.

I would note that the "private post" feature does add some privacy (it would hide the posts from search engines, maybe, if you or Drupal does everything right), but there are still opportunities for leaks. For example, someone might quote a private post within a public post.

If there are people who really do want this private post feature, after understanding the limited degree of privacy that it provides, then fine. Otherwise, it's just one more (possibly small) thing you have to deal with in maintaining the web site.

Good point

Although the privacy setting can shield the identity of those making comments from prying eyes, it will not totally prevent actual contributions from making their way into the light. It will also not protect people from my using their (anonymous) contributions in articles I write designed to help share what we're learning here.

I agree with curious fellow.

I agree with curious fellow. Why all these levels of privacy? What is there to hide? I thought the idea was to share everything we learn so that the general public can benefit?? Well, each to their own.

For those of you who don't

For those of you who don't see the need for private posting, that's great- don't use it! For those of you who do- use it, but be aware that it my no means confers total safety, only a slightly increased measure of privacy.

Just to clarify....

unless you click "private," your post will be visible to everyone, as usual. You will also be able to see the "private" posts, because you are a member.

This privacy option is just for those with nosy friends and relatives...or those who want to veil their posts from prospective sweethearts who might be sent to the site to "bone up" on karezza. Wink

Hopefully it will allow us to have the best of both worlds, with greater flexibility.