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I have been working on a slide presentation that would give an overview of what we've been learning since Peace Between the Sheets came out.

Before I post it for everyone, I'm asking forum members who have time to have a look and let me know if you think it needs correction.


Looks fine

I would though perhaps shorten it some, but that is depending on the audience and purpose. For a general starting point i think it is to long. For a more in depth info it might work, although i did fast forward it for the goodies. Wink

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Target Audience?

I just watched it, but before I comment on it, I was wondering who the target audience is? Casual web visitor? More serious web visitor? Current users of the site? Etc.

That's part of what I'm trying to figure out

I thought it would turn out a lot shorter.:-) It didn't, so now I'm trying to figure out the best way to create something shorter for people to use as an introduction to the material on the site. The current YOU Tube video will soon be outdated because "Peace" will no longer be published once "Cupid" comes out in June.

I have two choices. I can either pick some slides that together create an overview of sorts (has to be less than 10 go on YOU Tube), or I can just give people the first ten minutes as an intro...and point out that the full presentation is available, too.

Any thoughts?

This is great!

I haven't had time to watch all of it yet, but I have to point out the partner-resembling-a-top-40-hit metaphor cracked me up, as did the idea of our genes "sailing into the future... on more than one boat." :) It's getting to the point where all this stuff is so ingrained in me now, it's difficult to believe that others don't get, or simply flat out reject it. Isn't it obvious yet?!?

I would suggest that you could break it up into segments to post on YouTube, as well as providing a link to the full presentation so folks could watch it in its entirety. Or, do a shortened version for YouTube, with a link to the full extended version.


I think going for the casual web visitor would be the best, target the biggest audience, everybody basically. Anyone looking for something more serious can then dig deeper. If this is the case, my opinion is that it's not only too long but also too large. It took forever to load on high-speed. It was a little too scientific, I think, though the science should definitely be there. Also, the combo of words on the screen with voice over at the same time caused me to tune out the voice over while reading the screen. I did absolutely love the metaphors too. That really helps to get the point across. Maybe some music would be nice. Oh, and maybe the slides should change more frequently to keep interest.

I say make it a ten minute one. Just one short blast of the big, main, revolutionary concept. Leave people stunned and hungry for more.
Like, "What?!? You mean it's not inevitable that the honeymoon period, habituation, coolidge, whatever you want to call it, has to happen??? OMG, I need to know more." To do this, maybe move the porn part to the beginning as scare tactics. Give the dim scenario of the normal mammal instinct and then show how modern society makes it even worse with porn (and other things). Then wow us with the answer, that there is another mode, the praire dog bonding mode, that we CAN switch over. Wahoo! Then the science comes in, giving validity, making people go, "Wahoo again! This isn't mystical hogwash!" And end with a little summary of how to do it that's somehow exciting and wets people's appetite to know more as well as try it out.

Then, if you want, for people who want more details, there could be other ones on specific parts, more in depth, like the science or traditions.

Just my 2 cents. Loved it, though! Did you do that whole thing in one take (no water breaks)???


I'm working on a short "highlights" teaser, which would have the link to the full thing nearby. I'll ask you to take a look when I get it done.

I love your ideas, Tantra, but I may not be able to execute them all. I don't see how I could cover all that ground in a ten-minute presentation. Wink

No, I certainly did *not* do it in one sitting. I had to do many of them over...and over...due to various technical and other issues.

This one is just an "intro." Gary has said he'll work on some science ones in the next month or so. He's much better than I am at the visuals, and coordinating the text on the screen.

My thought was that if someone can't hear, they might still get the gist of the thing by reading the slides. But I realize that they are distracting. Sad

Could Be Chopped Up

I wondered why you had produced one slide show that covered the whole subject. How about chopping it up into segments (<10min) with a subtitle for each segment. I kind of like chewing at little bit each day, and then if I want to go over a certain segment, its easier to find.

I applaud you for the tremendous efforts you make to get your findings out to the world. This certainly is more of fairly unknown about "Secret" than the silly pretend "Secret" that's being peddled to the world at the moment.


Great suggestion to shop it up into sections. I however think that both "secrets" has tremendous insights to give to the world.

To really search yourself and your motives the way that the "Secret" does really sets off things in my world.

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That settles it! I will chop it into parts and post them all on YOU Tube, so people can stream them without downloading. I'll also post a link to the full thing. I'll also create a "highlights" that will be a short teaser for the whole thing. I hadn't thought of naming the sections different names, but I'll give that some thought. Good idea.

Graham, this actually isn't supposed to be "the whole subject." It is supposed to be an intro. (Lawyers always make things too long. *chuckle*) Gary is actually planning to do some similar presentations that will explain the science part a bit more in-depth. We realize that lots of people don't read much these days, so we wanted to do some presentations for those with short attention spans, or poor eyesight.

they (i ?) do not listen

very long either unfortunately Wink I do not know for sure but i think that messages longer than a couple of minutes seems to be to long for most people these days. Perhaps a sign of the unhealthy "intensity instead of intimacy" decease that spreads around the world.... Faster, harder, bigger.....

Thanks for your efforts Marnia. You are a light in this world.

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You are right

and I know this. Unfortunately, this material doesn't lend itself to 15-second soundbites very well, so most people won't have the concentration needed to absorb it. I'll just do what I can and trust the process.

On top of that, *no one* really absorbs it at first exposure. It's too "wrong." Wink (I didn't either.) I'm always surprised how much more sense it makes to people the second time they hear it.