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Due to the annoyance of having to go to the second page to view the most recent comments on long threads, the number of comments per page for blog and forum posts has been increased to 70. HOWEVER, since it's really a nuisance to have so many comments on one post anyway, you are strongly encouraged to start a new post when the number of comments reaches 50.


the topic "edging."

Is there a thread topic on "Edging" or "orgasm control." This would be the method of coming to the edge of an orgasm then backing away by ending the sexual stimluation. For men this can be away to extend our sexual arrousal. Orgasm control may be a way to boost Testotorone.
So has this been explored in a forum? I am new to this internet forums, therfore I need help.

Mr Mark

I'll enable you to blog

so you can start your own thread.

We don't actually recommend edging here. Have a look at this article:

Nor is there much research for the idea that orgasm control increases testosterone.

Testosterone levels and orgasm

Most(?) of the benefits of karezza (gentle sex without orgasm) seem to be the result of increased brain sensitivity...that is, balance in the reward circuitry of the brain. It would be nice to know more.

Looking forward to your thoughts.