Masterbation without partner?

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Hello all!!!! :)

I was wondering what is the view on masterbation without orgasm? Does it defeat the whole purpose of the principles put forth here? Or is it middle ground? Just wanted your input. Also, how does masterbation without orgasm affect the brain chemicals? I am assuming not as drastic as if the orgasm occured?

Just wandering along. :)

This topic comes up a lot

for example, see:

There are no clear answers. Since the biggest challenge to equilibrium seems to be dopamine that goes too high (not orgasm itself), masturbation, even without orgasm, can be a problem.

When dopamine goes high enough, it creates feelings of frustration and cravings, which can make people feel increasingly anxious until they "explode." Wink

However, some people have good luck with the kinds of techniques mentioned in that link above (in which the energy is moved up through the body and used for another purpose). Here are several:

Rechanneling your sexual energy

Fire Breath

Transmuting Sexual Energy

Own-body Sexual Yoga

I think that if you have

I think that if you have been frying your brain with dopamine, the best way to come down is to masturbate less often, and then without the peak. You ccan't drag it on, but after at most 2 weeks I'd say go cold turkey. The point of masturbation without orgasm is like nicotine patches for smokers, steps. But for these purposes it should be done more rapidly and without any outside stimulation like pornography. Remember it is tough the first week, after the 3rd week(approximatly) all lingering chemicals are gone and your brain is purely repairing.

In my experience

it just causes frustration and semi-insanity. Done every once in a while (once a week or so after balancing) it may work. Masturbation without orgasm that is. I am on a three week hands-off journey as I have never made it past day 6 without doing some type of arousal. But every person had different body chemistry obviously.


Not sure where to start. Maybe read this item and then ask what questions you still have.

It looks like there's a neurochemical cycle of a week or two after orgasm. Heavy porn users, however, often notice that they don't feel back in balance for far longer. So obviously there is more going on than mere orgasm. Super-stimulating things like porn start to cause more lasting changes in the brain, and it takes time to undo them.

Details aren't yet known, because research hasn't yet been done on humans. This article might also be useful:

Balance took / is taking years for me

I kind of look at it like a graph with a line sloping downward to a balance point with addiction on one axis and time on the other. I am traveling down the line towards the balance point, but at any given point I may be slightly above or below the line. In other words I may have an orgasm, or find myself lusting after an image, but I am far enough down the line that it does not cause me to run to the computer to do porn, or to masturbate, or fantasize about it all day, I can easily turn my thoughts elsewhere now. In other words, I am recovering. I always will be. I don't think I will totally ever reach the balance point, but I keep trying to get closer. I keep trying to improve myself. I few years back, I was looking for the quick fix. Now, I am enjoying the journey. Somewhere on the slope this happened without me realizing it. Who knows what tomorrow will bring, but I am happy and loving life! Bring it on!