UK teens spend 5% of their time into porn..

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..or at least, so it seems. The average is 14 minutes per day.

According to the article:

Other prominent activities (measured on a weekly basis) included chatting on MSN (3.5 hours), researching things like cosmetic surgery or weight loss (over an hour), social networking (nine hours), downloading or listening to music (one hour, forty minutes—the same amount of time spent watching pornography) and some three hours, 10 minutes researching homework.

The article in the end minimizes the effective impact of that, though.

Of the 31 hours a week research subjects spent online in average, just 5.4 percent of it was spent on porn. The trends that CyberSentinel refers to as alarming are entirely predictable—teenagers search for pertinent information on the world as they perceive it, and information is the Internet's specialty. Content filtering, meanwhile, raises its own concerns, including ongoing issues with regard to blocking "good" websites.

Fear not, parents of the United Kingdom—your children care more about Facebook than fapping.

5.4% is indeed not much from a purely mathematical point of view, but it's interesting how even as little as a decade ago even that much would have been scandalous, or at least something more than "just 5.4%". We are talking of an average of 14 minutes of daily exposure to hard porn. When I was a teenager even getting your hands on a porn magazine was a great event (not to mention videos).

By the way, I recently saw a very funny movie - Zack and Miri Make a Porno. It's about a couple of longtime friends and rommates (male and female) who decide to star in a porn movie to raise money to pay the bills, and whose brother-sister-like relationship becomes strained as soon as they have sex. I won't say more because it would spoil the movie, but in the story it is assumed that porn has gone mainstream and it's not a big deal.

Of course it's a comedy so it's exagerrated and everything, but the fact that a movie like that hasn't been produced before (not that I know of, at least) may be an indicator of a general trend.

5% --- and ---- neuroplastic changes
(great excerpts from a book on neuropasticity, it's incredible)

"Pornography, delivered by high-speed Internet connections, satisfies every one of the prerequisites for neuroplastic change [forming new neural circuitry- a key piece in addiction]"

"Hardcore pornography now explores the world of perversion, while softcore is now what hardcore was a few decades ago…."
(even just the shops' catalogue pages on lingerie today would have been hardcore porn not so long ago!) we get more and more desensitized.

5 % might be way enough for neuroplastic changes...

Interesting post

and reflections, Jkasali.

No doubt that porn is mainstream. Maybe it's good. Many men will make the same discovery you have...and all of us will start asking bigger questions about how the human brain works...just as Fleur points out.

This may reorient the debate away from "naught or nice" or "normal or perverted" toward "neuroplasticity and unsuspected symptoms of restlessness, mood swings and social anxiety." And even, indirectly, toward a revaluing of bonding behaviors between the sexes.

I see this as leading to a lot of shiny men and happy goddesses in the long run. Smile