Seeking someone to talk to about my feelings of inadequecy and issues with Intimacy

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I've been going through a process for a while now. I'm right now feeling very vulnerable and would like to be heard by someone as I express my whys and hows.


Sorry you're in pain. This is a tough planet sometimes.

Honestly, the best bet might be to talk to *all* of us. That way, when you need a response you have a better chance of one of us being on line. Also, you can get to know us a bit and vice versa. That way you may find the person(s) you resonate best with for private messaging.

You are all set to blog, if you like. Here are the instructions: What's going on?

Glad to meet you

Hi Polytrhthmic! Glad you came to this website. Like Marnia indicated, you'll find everyone here to be great for support. I've only been on for a few days and already feel a bond to others on this site.

I'm really looking forward to reading your blog posts!