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I have just signed up and feel at home! I have tried retaining before and was semi-successful for nearly a month. Unfortunately, some pre-cum and a bit of semen would come out during my intent of self-plesure without ejaculating. Seems I would go too far. Last week I caved with going all the way but managed not to lose ALL of my semen again since I pinched my sac intermittently. Still, there is an energy loss- though not quite as intense as fully releasing. Ready to get disciplined with this and limit the self-pleasure as a reward system and no more than two a week. (with of course no ejaculation using the fire breathing and pc). The confidence and stamina I was gaining with semen retention was wonderful and I just wonder how far I can go with this? I have some big goals coming up: saving money to make my own movie, saving up for a cheap used car, running a 5k. So, I'm ready for the ride, for real this time. I have a co-worker/friend who claims to have went 6 months (though that may be too long in my opinion) and said he was getting metaphysical and attracting any woman around. Interesting. Please feel free to feed a newcomer your thoughts!


It's exciting that you're noticing benefits from cutting back. The best way to learn is by doing just what you're doing...experimenting and noticing the benefit and downside. That will enable you to find your ideal balance.

Your plans sound exciting! Personally, I think a goddess might make them manifest more quickly...assuming she likes exploring bonding-based sex. Wink

You're all set to blog. Instructions here:


Thanks for the reply and the welcome. I am looking indeed for someone who can ride this with me and I have this weird intuition that we will attract each other on this journey together. I've also been sober for 20 months and go to AA meetings so-- who knows? It seemed heavy drinking and selfish sex went hand in hand with my previous lady friends. I'm really excited, great things are on the way!

Sexual Kung Fu

Keep the pelvic muscles slightly tensed and there should be no pre-cum if you do it right. Be careful with pinching the sack (though I'm not sure I understand what you mean. What do you pinch exactly? And why intermittent?). Physically blocking ejaculation isn't safe. I'd try no self-pleasure at all too. At least for me, that's the only thing that worked. I've tried the edge-riding semen retention methods (Mantak Chia and other authors), and they just didn't work for me.

ready to fully commit

Thanks for the advice. Yeah, it's best to just go the no-self pleasure route a majority of the time, particularly if I have a busy day. Seems my confidence and inner joy are beaming when I just don't go there. I do love the inner orgasm though, it's more sublte and in some ways powerful.


Yeah? I'm still confused about what you mean about this sack squeezing/inner orgasm. For me, holding in the ejaculate was really not as good as ejaculation.


Well, I alternate the sac-pinch or the three-finger on the pc muscle, then inhale and exhale explosively down to my abdomen. It is more sublte but your whole body can tingle. It's also not that sensational all the time. I just make up my mind that I am not going to ejaculate. Not worth it. This is still a slippery slope in that some semen might still come out if I'm not careful so there can be a small energy loss but it seems to come roaring back the next day.


Hmm... what are you doing exactly if not stroking? And why would it be safer? Michael Winn (and my own experience) says that forcibly holding in your ejaculation is what's dangerous. Even just physically, it probably is, but he got into the energetic aspect of why it's not good to do too.

pre-ejaculate fluid

You can't stop pre-ejaculate, and why would you want to? Some leakage is necessary for the survival of our species. Perhaps you see yourself as part of an elite who have transcended procreation.


Supposedly you can, and you will want to if you believe, like the Taoists do, that semen must be retained. Leakage isn't necessary for survival of the species. If a couple wants to have a baby, the man can still fully ejaculate if he wants.

Anybody who claims...

...he can stop pre-ejaculate, especially if he is a member of some weird religion, is just a liar. He will also probably tell you he can have multiple orgasms without ejaculation while levitating. For those who eschew orgasm, insemination is nevertheless accomplished through pre-ejaculate. Moreover, I hypothesize that the sperm cells in pre-ejaculate are of higher quality than those in ejaculate proper.

Tanta, I'm curious about

Tanta, I'm curious about your statement that preejaculate will go away with proper training of pc muscles. I've noticed that the men I was with who had the most stamina (staying-power) and the hardest hard-ons also had very little if any pre-ejaculate. I am wondering if this is related to their PC muscle strength.

Goldenheart has quite a bit of pre-ejaculate and little staying power. His nose also always drips. I really get turned off by this drippiness. Not only am I averse to the idea of sperm being around, I also feel like it makes me think he just somehow isn't able to contain himself on many levels. He can't hold back, hold himself in.

Does anyone, or you, tantra, have any observations around any changes in precum before and after developing strong pc muscles?


In my personal experience, harder hard-ons have less pre-ejaculate. Unfortunately, I can't speak of staying power, since mine has always been about the same, but as I've aged, with the inevitable softening, there does seem to be a tiny bit more pre-ejaculate. I've heard that staying power increases with stronger PC muscles, so that would be evidence of correlation to pre-ejaculate quantity. I'm not sure, cuz in the heat of passion, I wasn't paying too much attention to pre-ejaculate quantity, but my intuition says that if I had a good hard-on and kept the PC muscles slightly tensed the whole time, pre-ejaculate was less or maybe even none.

The nasal drip seems unrelated to me and sounds like a weak immune system. Often, sensitive guys get that way because they're less physically robust. I'm not sure what the exact cause is, but that pattern is well known. (I suspect it's more nature than nurture, which might seem strange, but that's my feeling.) Is GH healthy from a natural healing perspective? (2-4 bowel movements per day, eating organic, detoxified, in shape, good attitude, hard erections (possibly with a big head), morning wood, etc.) There might be a chronic bug that would be good to eliminate.