Over logging.. (funny)

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Perhaps someone should send Randy a link to Reuniting. Wink


In case you don't want to see the episode in its entirety, the synopsis is that the entire town of South Park is cut off from the internet, and panic ensues (in a funny, South Parkish way).

Randy's problem isn't exactly the lack of email, though..

"I need the internet to jack off.." "Once you jack off to Japanese girls puking in each others mouths you can't exactly go back to Playboy!"

Fast forward to 13:00 to see how he copes with that. Funny as hell.

I see the concept of the pervasiveness of porn more and more often explored in the media - almost always in a comedic fashion, but still, it betrays its presence in the global consciousness.

Yes, I've been noticing

the same thing. The humor subtly makes it "okay," at least for those who don't exhibit such extreme behavior, doesn't it? Even though the strength of the addiction is alluded to, no one offers any suggestions for the hooked, or even an explanation. I think humanity is ready to go through a big learning curve on this subject.

Thanks for the link. How are you getting along, by the way?


..I have high and lows, as usual. Currently, I mostly have lows - but I admit, I am not "free" yet. I relapsed a couple of times, especially when I was very down due to some recent unhappy events. It's exactly like comfort smoking or eating. (But at least is free and devoid of physically harmful consequences. more or less.)

Thanks for asking. :)

Sorry you're experiencing

some bumps in the road.

The promising thing is that Gary and I actually do find that life events, even the tough ones, flow more smoothly without those neurochemical swings. That insight is actually my best motivation for staying with this approach.

On the other hand, it's easier with a sweetheart. Could you take a class in...say...knitting or singing next time? Wink

I guess

it may be easier, but I am not in the mood right now. Perhaps it's because I never had a girlfriend so I don't really know the difference between having one or not having one.. but still, right now I crave for achievement, to be sincere. I want to make something out of myself. At my age (26) you usually at least have some kind a path, or finished your studies or something like that. I missed a lot of formative years, and I have to recuperate. I can't really see how a sweetheart could fit into that. And let's not forget the additional stress and investment of time that the endeavor would entail.

(Geez, I speak like a freaking replicant. I know.)

I suspect that I may be one of those guys who start having relationships much later in life (35/40) or end up as a confirmed bachelor. Nothing inherently wrong with that - I just have to discover if that's really what I want, or it's just the chemicals speaking. Or if I am rationalizing some kind of fear (frankly, even imagining myself kissing a woman elicits very strange feelings). In any case, I certainly want to be free from the addiction.

Seinfeld - "The Contest"

Yeah, I remember seeing the Seinfeld episode called "The Contest" (it's a contest to see who can last the longest without masturbation / orgasm) and I distinctly remember as a teenager thinking "I guess it's normal to look at porn and masturbate every couple of days". I think that episode really made the addiction "okay" for me to a great degree.


We need to learn this stuff in school. All addictions. Drinking and smoking too... and not just the "just say no" propaganda, which no teenager ever listens to. People will experiment and will respect the lesson a lot more if it's honest. I think the poor education about addiction comes from a lack of understanding by society in general, but hopefully now, with the brain studies, the knowledge will trickle down into educational policy. There ought to be a non-profit dedicated to helping that happen. Porn. Drinking and smoking. Gambling, video game, and other addictions. Cutting and self-mutilation. Sex addiction. Etc.