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So, I've pushed off of shore and am happily floating through the waters of abstinence. It's been mas o menos 3 weeks and I feel great. I have a giddiness, a light and a joy that I thought was dead to me. I'm happy about it and happy that my wife could sense the change as well. A few questions...

Being close to my wife yesterday, caused a lot of robotic reactions in my body and the pressure built until it was painful. Not terribly, but noticeable. What can I do with this extra energy? Being in the city (I'm in the middle of nowhere for a while now), brought up a lot of triggers for objectifiying sexual thoughts...any defense?

Desires for other people...after integrating the practice and philosophies behind Karezza, do these desires, this feeling to 'run wild' and copulate, to give in to the body, do they go away?



Your reactions were probably a bit extreme due to not having been around your wife for some time. With daily contact, you'll likely not experience that kind of discomfort.

Karezza does tend to reduce cravings quite a bit, but I have a hunch that you'll always still feel an urge to "run wild" now and's part of being, well...part of a sexually reproducing species Blum 3


Have you tried the solo exercises?

When in doubt, I try the tried and true advice that seems to have worked for folks in the past. In my experience, they are no substitute for a good snuggle, but they can relieve the pressure long enough to let you turn your mind to something else. Wink In other words, you may have to use them more than once in a day, but they can help. And at least they let you "take control."