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Dr. Laura Berman is now accepting questions about sex at:
Let's all ask her about karezza, Marnia's blessed work here, and her book.

You know what's interesting?

Psychologists have the most trouble hearing this information. Strangely, psychiatrists...at least those who have been educated fairly recently, or who work in addiction, can hear it better than psychologists. I think this is because psychologists' education drills into them the dangers of sexual repression and the dogma about how there's no such thing as too many orgasms - and isn't as strong on the physiology of the reward circuitry.

In any case, I think folks like the Berman sisters, who are really invested in the current mainstream paradigm, will really need to do something like read Cupid's Poisoned Arrow before they "get it." There's no really short way to get the message through to them, although maybe the excerpt of Chapter one would get them started. http://www.reuniting.info/cupids_poisoned_arrow_chapter_1