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Since we are expecting a large influx of visitors here when Cupid's Poisoned Arrow comes out, I thought it would be useful to redo the FAQ section of the site and include many links to other articles, to make it easy for people to find the information they want.

If you have an idea for a question that you think should be included in the new FAQ, please post it here! What information did you need most when first arriving here? Thanks!

What FAQ page?

I don't see any link to a FAQ page.
HTML Tips is excellent
I think this is a very well put together and responsive site.
How about a calendar of Marnia and Gary's public appearances/events/interviews/published articles?
Much Love

Wait a Minute

Was that FAQ button at the top of the page yesterday? My soon to be son in law calls it refrigerator blindness....lookin' right at it and not seeing it. Yeah so move it to the center of every page, 4 inches across, red letters, yellow and black undulating borders (and don't forget the naked people making out)
The position is fine or maybe over in the left column. Content is great
I go to a FAQ page to get info about navigating/using the rules about language, how the forums are moderated, dating the lovelies Marnia and Amari, courtly companions, what it means to sign-up, privacy...stuff like that.
Thank you so much for your efforts. Your facilitation and contributions are of inestimable value.

You crack me up!

Actually, the link at the top of the page was added by me last night Smile so you can stop worrying about your vision.

Updating the technical FAQ about the site should also happen, huh?