Somethings that may help when the urge stirs.

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Got a radio?
what stations do you listen to?

try FM 91.5 for very soothing and relaxing, (sometimes energizing) classical music. No advertisements! very uplifting!

FM 89.9 sometimes has very neutral world news and they play a very diverse set of music especially during the nighttime.

You can stream movies on this site ( somehow LEGALLY ), the newest movies that are in theatre and past.

Here is some captivating chinese art! can actually be a very excellent source for Teachings. If you want to learn
something specific or just feel like learning, you can actually find certain individuals
who say many amazing and inspiring things, one of them : Siva Baba. he's quite enlightened.

If you never found reading enjoyable i'm sorry, but if you want to, there some very enlightening magazines
on spirituality, love, science, and such. Just go to a book store like barnesnoble or borders.
Magazine writers can be very creative and entertaining along with the the pictures and photography done by
people. It's very inspiring. you can also subscribe to national geographic which is a very versatile magazine with
beautiful and inspiring pictures, stories, myths, facts, updates, etc.

or, buy some Used books from or

The 6th Tibetan Rite

That's all very good advice above. I have another. It's an energy approach from the Tibetan Rites. First, I'll post how to do the Rite and then comment on why and how it can help with porn addiction. For those not familiar with these Rites, they are a form of exercise similar to yoga which promise better health.

Exercise Proper: Stand

1) Tensing Phase:

    a) Stand straight up and slowly let all of the air out of your lungs. As you do this, bend over and put your hands on your knees. Force out the last trace of air, and then, with the lungs empty, return to a straight up posture.

    b) Place your hands on your hips, and press down on them. This will push your shoulders up. As you do this, pull in the abdomen as much as possible, and at the same time raise the chest.

    Said another way, tense all of your muscles, scrunch up your shoulders, clench your fists and place them on your hips. Claw your feet into the ground. Try to stay like this for a slow count of ten.

    c) Hold this position as long as you possibly can if you can't make it to the end. When you are finally forced to take air into your empty lungs, let the air flow in through the nose.

2) Relaxation Phase:

    a) When the lungs are full, exhale through the mouth. As you exhale, relax your arms, letting them hang naturally at your sides.

    b) Then take several deep breaths through the mouth or nose, allowing them to escape through either the mouth or nose. The object is to completely relax between each of the Tensing Phases.

3) Repeat the rite if needed, but once is usually all you need.

The purpose of this Rite is to relieve a person of being horny. The reason for being horny (this is Mantak Chia's point of view which I have adopted) is that energy has accumulated in the sex organs. Then the more aroused a person gets, the more energy collects there. The energy is released at orgasm---unless you can draw it out of the sex organs in some way. The 6th Rite does this automatically without having to know how to move energy. It's a mechanical approach. As jb Mirabile-caruso pointed out in his recent thread---

the proper diet relieves this horny feeling and I would suggest here that the reason for this is because the body becomes clean, and with the energy channels open and healthy, the sex energy flows up the spine on its own as it should be. For those of you with blocked chakras, the 6th rite is a good approach if you need instant results.

My son, J___, was having trouble with porn a number of years ago. My wife felt prompted because of his altered behavior (always angry and uptight) to take a look at his computer history and found some rather interesting sites. "Hmmm . . . what should we do?" his anxious parents wondered. We did nothing at all, at least nothing like scolding or anger. J___ explained that he didn't want to watch that stuff but seemed caught in it. We moved his computer into the front room to make it harder to do it. Other than that, we accepted the fact that he was watching porn and simply taught him the 6th Rite. He is a budding mystic and so he took this advice to heart. We'd be in church and suddenly J___ would stand and start doing this 6th Rite. Or in the grocery store. We chuckled. It wasn't too long before he no longer needed to use this 6th Rite.

This reminds me of a speech I heard years ago. The speaker said that our conscious mind is like a stage--only one thought at a time can be on that stage. If something is there which you don't want to see or think about, then put something else there that's positive. The negative thought will have to leave. A good way to do this is to sing a song, a happy song, and the other thought will be crowded out. Then he mentioned that his (cute) secretary wondered why he began to hum a tune every time she entered his office.

Further thought

I was thinking about the implications of what I wrote above and began to wonder how this was possible. If diet clears the energy channels, allowing the sex energy to exit the groin area in a steady flow, thus keeping the sex urge manageable, AND it is traumatic memories, biases and so forth which act as the building blocks of those energy blockages, then does that mean that diet effects our mental toxins as well as the physical ones which we ingest? I have heard this said. A quote from the RA material comes to mind---

Those entities in need of purging the self of a poison thought-form or emotion complex do well to take care in following a program of careful fasting until the destructive thought-form has been purged analogously with the by-products of ridding the physical vehicle of excess material.--RA, session 40

That means that a person suffering from post war syndrome would do well to change their diet, including a fasting regime, in order to rid themselves of the disturbing memories.

Sex energy is the basic energy of the body. Many hundreds of times a day, this energy is released from the root chakra and, in addition to feeding the body with the needed stimulus to retain a healthy function, attempts to move up through the chakras. Once a person has begun to feel the God-feeling during sex, to have an open Eye Chakra, each pulse of sex energy which is released all through the day is felt moving through the chakra system causing each to fire off with it's particular feeling, ending with being filled with God/Goddess.

I'm just beginning to see the power of Sacred Sex. Many hundreds of times a day, energy is felt ascending through the chakras!---each time, filling your temple-body with emotional release, intense love, insight, and the feeling of communing with God.

I gave the rite a try,

I gave the rite a try, definitely felt the energy moving and expanding, the more focus you use, the better the energy expansion right!? rite!
thanks much for the commentary sam, im positive many will give it good use!

With the diet, i blended up some watermelon juice, through in a banana and something called Psyllium seed husk. If there's a
trader joe's or whole foods you can grab it, basically what it does is, the seed expands into a tasteless type of jelly and pushes
out gunk in your colon. You can add it to liquids or even cook with it, just adding to the diet + libido connection.

I'm astonished with all the info we've gathered and the topics we've come accross.
I'm so happy and grateful.

blessed be everyone!


That's a great technique, Sam. Thanks for sharing it with us. By "power draw" do you mean the tensing phase? And when you say usually once is enough, does that mean one tensing phase or three? I'll keep going with it, along with the other stuff I'm doing, and we'll see if I also start to feel this energy ascending through my chakras. I think for me it might be just beginning with only subtle, almost unnoticeable feelings.

My thoughts on diet: I believe the vegan diet helps in many ways. It might make it easier to have spiritual experiences, and it also is known to make the body more flexible (e.g. in Zen, there is less knee pain after long sitting if you've been vegan for at least a few weeks or so). I hadn't heard that it helps cleanse the body/mind of physical/emotional toxins, but that makes sense. It's said that chi flows more freely in a flexible body.

That said, I don't think someone should force a vegan diet upon himself. There might be a readiness that's required. Also, certain people might not do well on it. I knew a highly sensitive bodyworker who discovered after many years that he needed some meat. His health was suffering, and it made him TOO sensitive. Some meat helped ground him. (I think by "meat" things like milk and eggs are included, but the milk should be non-pasteurized.) I also think that for optimal health, vegans should occasionally eat some meat, milk, or eggs, though I understand the moral issues. My stance is that if you get the milk and eggs from a small, local farm, the animals are not being mistreated, and if you then use the greater health for good purposes, the karmic debt is repaid. In general, we should maintain this mindset for all food, for even vegetables are living entities with consciousness, albeit of a far slower form. Finally, sick people might need meat (e.g. chicken broth), but maybe that advice came before the days of electric juicers.

About psyllium: If you're taking psyllium, add some probiotic powder to it. I used to add bentonite clay too, which absorbs toxins into itself (and some nutrition, so I'd do it just before bed on an empty stomach). The psyllium expands and moves slowly through the intestinal tract, holding the probiotics and bentonite against the walls, maximizing contact. Activated willow charcoal is also a good detoxifier.

I used to do Dr. Schulze's cleanses, and one time I took his intestinal formulae for a few months (longer than the normal cleanse), intending to really clean myself out. I'm not sure, but I think it reduced my irritability. Never underestimate the power of intestinal cleansing! He says that in his clinic, he saw 90% of his patients get well from just that.

But if you're going to do it, also take herbs to get the bowels working 2-4 times per day. If you do a cleanse without this, the toxins might not be able to leave the body and have to be reabsorbed, making you sick.

The Power Draw

About the 6th Rite. I used this one a lot at one time. I would do it three times. An aside, after sex I'd do this Rite and see how long I could hold my breath. If I went the full ten counts, the I knew I had released the energy properly. But, sometimes, I couldn't get to three before inhaling. We decided that those were the times when my energies were still unbalanced. One solution was to do a few of the 6th Rite until I could hold it the full ten counts. Another solution was to have more sex. That would lead to my faking not being able to hold my breath at all. Ha, Ha, just joking.

The Power Draw is of my own invention based on the Taoist's Big Draw and my reading of a book, "100 Days" by Steve Yudelove.

The Power Draw

When you feel close to ejaculating:

    1) Hold your breath.

    2) Crimp the PC muscle which closes the Gates of Life and Death.

    3) Tighten your lower back muscles (where your kidneys and adrenal glands are). This activates the power of your adrenals to aid you in power-moving this energy.

    4) Mentally draw several lines from the tip of your penis to the perineum and into your lower back as you continue to hold your breath.

    5) Then on a controlled inhale, draw the chi along these lines to the perineum and beyond to the small of the back where it can easily be drawn up to the head and down the front to the belly. The eye muscles and the lower back muscles are both working with sympathetic movements to help the sex energy move.

This is stubborn energy that would much rather go squirting out as an ejaculation. It needs power to make it cooperate. You will find that mentally drawing lines before attempting to move energy lets the energy move easily. The best time to do this Power Draw is before you get close to being over the edge. But, even if the semen is shooting out, this will stop it in its tracts and you will feel the semen physically retracting back into the body. I don't recommend this, although it's an interesting mind trip to know that you have power over automatic reactions of the body.

This is all Work on the solar plexus. I spent a number of years doing just what Mantak Chia taught---drawing the energy up the spine and releasing orgasms.

I will suggest another approach. Hugging coupled with intercourse in stillness. I don't understand just what happens but there is a physical change in the way your penis feels energy after doing that for a while. The multiple orgasms come without getting even close to ejaculation and no up drawing of energy is needed. It's a shift.

I recall the day my solar plexus opened. I saw a ball of intense yellow light behind my closed eyelids accompanied by a huge rush of energy. Soon after that, my work on the heart chakra began. Mantak Chia also taught about the Soul Orgasm. That's the next step.


I always had trouble visualizing chi getting from the penis to the spine, but now, this technique of mentally drawing lines has helped immensely. It seems like a little thing, but it makes a big impact. I think it's things like this that used to be kept secret, only passed on to a teacher's own students, but now, humanity has evolved to where we share such things. Are you familiar with Ken Wilber's Levels? He makes an interesting analogy with the chakra system and humanity's evolution in things like this. Thank you!

I have a question. You say:

[quote]I will suggest another approach. Hugging coupled with intercourse in stillness. I don't understand just what happens but there is a physical change in the way your penis feels energy after doing that for a while. The multiple orgasms come without getting even close to ejaculation and no up drawing of energy is needed. It's a shift.[/quote]

Why do you suggest this over upward drawing of energy? I've read about these non-ejaculatory orgasms and have had the beginnings of them (orgasmic muscle twitching but no ejaculation, indicating that the muscles in spasm are different than the ejaculatory ones, but the orgasmic sensation is still slight, whereas eventually they should be as intense as regular orgasm) if I relax the PC muscles sometimes. However, if I relax the PC muscles, doesn't that allow some downward loss of semen (jing) and chi? Also, since it is an orgasm, won't that also result in some energy loss as well as the neurological effects that lead to the Coolidge Effect?

Is it that you've opened your meridians so that the energy automatically flows upward without you having to consciously do it?

Q & A


I reread my post on the 6th Tibetan and my mention of the power draw was an accident. I went back to that post and corrected it by removing the incorrect line. Maybe that was a good slip of the fingers because it lead to my explaining what the Power Draw is. I'm glad it is being used by someone else besides me.

Quote Tantra11: Is it that you've opened your meridians so that the energy automatically flows upward without you having to consciously do it?

Hugging in stillness opens the heart center without doing any other work. An open heart draws the energy up without you doing anything to cause it. The Navel and Solar Plexus Centers are all about control. The heart is the beginnings of acceptance. No control is needed from here on out in chakra work. There is a change of paradigm. You don't have to be mystic to open the heart in this way (hugging). If you can't feel the energy moving, it is happening anyways. My wife feels nothing (no energy movement) but she definitely has an open heart center, if not we couldn't be experiencing what we do in bed.

Multiple orgasms are a product of opening the navel and solar plexus chakras. They feel many, MANY times better than normal orgasms, and they are repeatable. But, guess what? Feeling heart energy, though it is not as active, is more delicious than those emotional orgasms. As the higher chakras open, they each have their own way of expressing energy. Each feels different. Each chakra feels better than the one below it when opened during Sacred Sex.

It isn't just the pleasure. It's what happens to your mind all the other hours of the day as this sexual energy experience is being absorbed by your mind-body. You will feel shifts. Everyone will. It's not a piece of mystic trickery or highly technical meditation that only gurus can feel. Anyone can open this up, in time, through the consistent practice of Sacred Sex, just as Marnia is teaching here.

Quote Tantra11: Also, since it is an orgasm, won't that also result in some energy loss as well as the neurological effects that lead to the Coolidge Effect?

There is no energy loss from emotional orgasms. The sex organs themselves are not involved. Every muscle in you body will shake with orgasmic pleasure. The sex organs are part of the Root Chakra experience and produces the fuel to light up the other chakras, one at a time. Also, very important, ANY kind of energy coupled with mild sexual stimulation will wake up these higher chakras. It could be a really good prayer or just having finished a healing session which triggers the release of orgasms. Just getting into bed may trigger the orgasms if you are already overfull of energy from some other source---even deep breathing will trigger orgasms. Also, although there is a lot of this which can be turned on with solo work (masturbation), it is hundreds of times more powerful and more fun and more beneficial to your energy system to do this with a partner.

Well, that was a mouth full. My kids are all educated with this stuff and will get this easier than I did. I hope I haven't rambled on to the point of making this all a jumble.


Thanks for the further clarification! I haven't had these multiple, 2nd/3rd chakra orgasms yet. Would it be important to develop those chakras before the heart chakra? If so, how would that be done? By focusing on the linked Microcosmic Orbit as opposed to the quiet hugging?

I'm not even thinking about the third eye/crown level orgasms yet, but opening the heart is where my intuition is telling me I need to go. I've got some bottled up anger and lack of forgiveness issues that have been stubborn, and I might also be unconsciously depressed. I'm doing a lot of things for this stuff, but I think the opening of the heart through sacred sex/karezza/bonding will help too.