Diet and libido

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A Member of this Forum wrote me privately the following. Hoping that other Members may find my elaborations of some interest, i am answering Him publicly while keeping His identity anonimous.

"Can you expound upon how you silenced your libido through diet? I am very interested in silencing mine as well"

"Been working on it for several years. Avoiding visual stimulus whenever possible, celibacy, stopped masturbation, keeping busy, but still, out of nowhere it pops back up. Always a constant battle. It is so pleasant when it just goes away....Ahh...."

First of all, let me clarify that my diet reform was motivated, at the beginning, by old and serious health issues that Medicine was not able to manage with any degree of success. At that time the diet-libido connection was outside the range of even my suspicion, let alone my understanding: it was to be discovered many years later when a high degree of detoxication was accomplished.

Dietary detoxication - i say "dietary" because the toxicity of our Organisms is fundamentally of dietary source - equates to a spontaneous normalization of our physiological, neurological and biochemical processes. There is absolutely NO need for us to understand the complex intricasies of these processes, for our Organisms are intelligently empowered to overcome all their disfunctions once they are freed from the their three dietary enemies: starch, fat and fire, these being responsible for turning them into walking cesspits.

Libido is the expression of a chronic inflammation of the sexual organization, and inflammation IS pathology. But, please, make no mistake to believe that this inflammation is the "problem", for it is simply the "symptom", and acting upon it - as most unfortunately too many people do - leads to NO solution. Solution lies "only" in acting upon the "problem", this being DIET. You yourself are acknowledging to have "been working on it for several years" without any success, and this is quite logical, for it is an impossibility to put out a fire while fuelling it. You need to stop the fuel - that is, the perverse diet of Civilization - in order to accomplish Your objective.

This clarified, the approach that i have developed over the years to undertaking successfully the elimination of the three indicted elements - starch, fat and fire - is the following: 1. Introducing, first, in Your daily life two fundamental factors: an abundance of freshly expressed vegetables juices and an 18-hours-period of zero food intake. During this process the only solid meal of the day will continue to be the regular diet You are presently adhering to. And 2. When this new dietary structure - "vegetables juice" - "regular solid meal" - "18-hours-zero-intake" - is fully established in Your daily dietary life style, then will be time to address the reform of Your diet by gradually and sequentially removing first "starch", followed by "fat" and finally by "fire". The end result of this long process will be a diet made of a vegetables juice, in the morning, breaking the 18-hours-fast, plus a solid mono-fruit meal 3 or 4 hours later. On this diet - which, incidentally, is the very diet prescribed to Mankind, thousands of years ago, in a very old Book nowdays fallen in disrepute - You will, for the first time in Your entire life, experience "freedom" from the slavery of libido, freedom from most pathologies, freedom from the common mental blindness, freedom from being an animal, for You will finally perceive Your true identity: a fallen Divine Androgyne.

With my sincere hope that i have helped You a little.

jb Mirabile-caruso.

Sorry, jb

I respect you, but I think diet cannot be the *cause* of our ills, although poor diet may indeed be one of many examples of ways that brains that are out of balance choose unhealthy behaviors. I also concede that healthier diet can help balance our brains. Just as meditation and karezza can.

For pair-bonding humans, with extra-sensitive reward circuitries designed to make love and companionship (not just sex) especially enticing, seeking balance seems to be especially critical. No wonder we are drawn to "relief" supplied by many techniques, including improved diet.

However, typically, if we don't find this balance through bonding with mate and tribe (as we are wired to do), we are very vulnerable to seeking reward circuit highs other ways. Many of these pull us further out of balance.

For me, all this means that finding a way to make love that creates a sense of wholeness and satisfaction is a very good strategy. Companionship is a deep longing for us - although we seem not to realize its importance.

Vegetable juice may have many gifts, but it does not furnish companionship, or a deep sense of wholeness. It may be the latter, which makes relationship an effective spiritual path if we're consistent.

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