found an interesting blog about freedom from sex addiction

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Hi all, found this blog about freedom from sex addiction while trying to search for info regarding sex addiction. Find the reasoning quite sensible. thought of sharing this. Now trying to follow the advice given and will update your guys once i see some improvement, cheers!

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Proceed with caution

I wouldn't trust a site that spends paragraphs promising a 'secret' only to finally redirect you to another site that demands your name and email address before revealing the info. If the info is so good, and the author so keen to share it and help people than why not make it publicly available?

Also the blog site has only just been set up, so this post above smells of an advert to me, and I suspect payment might be required down the line...

Here's a better idea... read, join the site (for free) and post your stories and thoughts. Read and respond to the helpful people who hang out here. Encourage fellow visitors. Enjoy the warm glow of a community that cares :)