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Hi to all Biggrin

I came across this site after doing some goggling. One thing that's astonished me is the support that is on offer for people looking to kick the habit of internet porn. I never knew about your body actually experiencing 'hangover's' from orgasm and all that sort of stuff, so to read through some of the information on offer was great.

I'll give you a quick background. I'm 23 years old & have been surfing the net for porn since I was 16. I feel that everything I have read on this site about biological urges and that sort of stuff is exactly why I continued to look at internet porn (without actually knowing at the time). I've seen a decline in one particular friend I have who has an open addiction with pornography (although they view it as a good thing). I suppose my main desire to put a stop to my addiction is so that I give myself the best oppurutnity to become a better person.

One of my turning points was watching a documentary about young adults who had been trying to recover from internet porn addiction. I have to admit that it has been an ongoing effort with me, which has probably gone on about 6 months. Initially I went through a period of 50 days without it, then when I decided to go back into it, its like it opened up a floodgate. This is the most serious attempt I've given it since then, I am currently up to 9 days and am determined to stick to it. I thought with the help of the information on offer & by becoming a forum member that I can establish a network of support that will help me deal with 'withdrawals' or any 'urges' that might occur. So I suppose this is going to be a good thing for me to use & I'll regularly log in to contribute to my own thread in the hope that this will be one of the tools I use to keep me on the straight.

I look forward to reading more on these forums as well as absorbing all the useful information that is on offer on the website.

till next time,

Spartak :)

Welcome and good luck

Hi Spartak,

It looks like you're really committed to this - I wish you well.

When I was younger there was no internet porn, but my addiction to masturbation started all the same. When easy access to internet porn came about, it just got worse and I got completely stuck in the cycle. I'm on my way out of it now, but it's a bumpy road for me. I hope you find it smoother, but if you stumble, keep your eye on the goal and get back up and start again. As I'm sure you've seen on the site, many men have found their way out of this.

Good luck!


I've enabled you to blog, if you want to share your progress.

Yep, it's a nasty little trick a primitive part of the brain plays on humans...especially you visual males. But just think how much you're learning about how your brain works? I'm sure you'll find it helpful in many areas of your life.

*a big hug*

Hi Spartak!

I missed your post earlier but I'm also 23 and giving it up for the first time... I was a daily viewer for many years :o I am around day 12 now!

Best of luck to you! If you need any support I'll be here.