A gal that I can't seem to understand!

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This is about a girl i met about a year ago at my friend Mary's church during worship service.
If there are any girls or guys who may be able to help please do!

This girl's name is Anny and my friend's name is Mary.
Mary is close friends with Anny.

When I met Anny a year ago, my friend Mary
introduced us, and there was a connection
between Anny and I. Anny is a very busy
girl with school, work, and she has
much responsibility in church for she is
the minister's daughter. Marry told
me that Anny "liked me", I was
happy because I felt the same.
However, we were both very busy
with school and work at the time,
and it didn't help that she lives
in santa clarita, and i live in sanfernando valley
It's a good distance apart.

what really caused us to stop talking
a year ago, was when I
sent her a very pushy text.
I said something "I don't understand
why we hardly talk on the phone every
week, and why we just dont meet up
and see each other because we like each other".

I'm cutting myself a lot of slack, because i remember
being a little more aggressive than that.
The reason I was aggressive, was because I never
really felt this way about any other girl. Anny is beautiful,
but in the intellectual sense, spiritual sense, and yes
the physical as well. What really got me to like her though,
was that I felt that we ran on a very similiar brain thinking
frequency if that makes ANY sense. So maybe I developed
a more sense of attachment for her because this was
my 2nd time meeting any girl who we shared this similiarity,
first was ex-gf.

Anyway after that happened, she stopped responding to a few
of my texts and calls, and we just stopped talking from there.
I told Mary what I said and she said I made a mistake,
and I agreed.

Now, about a year later, after coming back from visiting new york,
I find out that Anny still likes me.

I'm gonna cut it very short here: here's the problem

Mary tells me that Anny has trouble opening her heart at all,
even to Mary as a friend. Anny told Mary that she's afraid
to get hurt, I don't know why but now that I realize it
Anny has always been kind of a closed door kind of person,
hard to open up and express her self and feelings.
The way I can say it is, is somethings bothering
her emotionally, she'll either just channel it
and burn those feelings up by immersing herself
through work, school, church work etc.
or maybe just hide from those feelings with
her responsibilities.

Even if we're not right for each other,
I'd like to maybe see from a women's
viewpoint about what they think
of Anny, Go ahead and ask me
any questions please!

What do I do?

That's not unusual.

I think everyone is afraid to get hurt, some just show it differently than others.

Just be kind to her in a consistent way. That's really the only thing you *can* do, anyhow.

My thoughts - feel free to ignore ;-)

Start by telling her that you regret you made a mistake, and that you hope the two of you can be friends. Don't be afraid to build a solid friendship first. After all, you don't want to end up with a partner who does not ever want to open up. Keep a bit of detachment and just be friendly. Focus on creating a safe, nurturing space for her...rather than focusing just on what you *want.* Hopefully, she will then do the same for you.

If, instead, you both focus only on what you each want...there will never be enough to go around. Wink

"How Can I create safe,

"How Can I create safe, nurturing space for her and others?"
"How can I give unconditional love to her ( and others )"

Instead of:

"How can her love change my life"

"How can she give me love"

"what can I receive"


THANKS MARNIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok here's the update if

Ok here's the update if anyone's interested!

some things i learned about myself were :

i kept thinking about me, me, me when i was around her
i caught myself many tryings trying to reverse these thought processes,
for help, i'd chant mantras in my head or quietly to get my mind off self.

I noticed the more and more i thought about her, and how shes feeling,
if shes comfy or uncomfy, we'd end up a bit closer and tension would fade,
but the moment id think more self-ly, that's when that uncomfy tension
would come in.

conclusion: love requires selfLESSness! :D


You could be headed for the 4th dimension, my friend! Smile Just to throw in something out of left field (galaxy?)...here's what a friend shared this morning. Who knows?

One of my favorite channeled books talks about a "harvest" at about 2012. I don't know what we'll see that year in a physical sense, but the world is scheduled to move into 4th density at that time, with or without the cooperation of the human populace. Some won't make it into 4th density because their hearts are not open enough to pass into it. If this theory is correct, then "What the world needs now is love", not inner sight or a full awakening. We need open hearts more than enlightenment as such.