My wife and I have been practicing Karezza for a number of years

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ferret loveJust discovered your site. My wife and I have been practicing/doing what can be called Karezza for a number of years. We started with the Mantak Chia and tantric writings and my initial efforts were along the lines of control, effort, and procedures.

In a transition of a year or two, I got to where I could avoid ejaculation regularly. The thing that actually worked the best was recognizing where my "point of no return" was and not passing it. The realization finally dawned that when that little voice inside me would sound different and say "Aw, it's OK, go ahead!" that was exactly the time to relax and slow down.

As time passed, we found the position that works for us, scissors position, and developed a routine that actually leaves out foreplay and makes the whole affair less "hot."scissors position

Intercourse has become a regular routine. We use jojoba oil for lubrication and connect before sleep and each morning. We've been doing this for 6-7 years, and, of course, it is great.

Every couple hopefully finds their own way to make love often with no pressure, stress, or depletion. Karezza works for us. We generally stay high and grateful almost all the time. Negativity can't last long when our positive energy is generated and supported daily.

I am very excited to find scientific research in this area and your writings on the subject. It supports and confirms what we happily do every day.