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Subject: Bernie Prior-An Uneasy Critique!
Date: Mon, 2009-07-13 10:20

Several years ago i was lucky/unlucky enough to attend a theosophical society lecture featuring a certain self-proclaimed spiritual master "Bernie Prior".
Never having been confronted by speaker who had obviously done his "esoteric homework/rhetoric" on a grand scale, or by a speaker who was so "confrontational" i was rather bewildered!
Innocently i asked a question and was told " are the problem, blah blah", and leaving the room felt that this individual was indeed someone "genuine".
Years past, and slowly i discovered the great "Barry Long", who i immediately identified with from the heart, and realised that Mr Prior was a very "poor" copy of the "real" thing.
Its hard to express, but amongst the clever manipulation of esoteric jargon, Mr Prior basically can verbally insult his audience, and turn things around so that hes a "...loving, caring, and coming from source" prophet.
It looks and sound great.BUT!, i was puzzled about Mr Priors background, and his obvious dislike of talking about "his" past , which is easy because he teaches that "past" is not a suitable discussion for the spiritual student etc.
In fact Mr Prior "wriggles" his way out of any "responsibilty", and so i had to attend a lecture this year in the U.K. and see if things had changed?
Well! i attended, and what a surprise.The late entrance revealed a Mr Prior who looked like a "ponderous" copy of his younger self years before.Gone was the "snappy" delivery, the livliness of a man on a mission, no, this was an older, bored looking man,slight paunch developing, who looked tired of whole charade.
His introductory "LASAR" stare intro was a laugh, i just gawped back thinking "prat", and after that failed he proceeded to stare at his audience followed by an insipid SMIRK, god help me i thought.
Dont be fooled, this man, if so enlightened, would not need to have groupees, and charge retreat prices as such to "spread the good news!".
After all , did St Paul follow have the same "comforts" or did he suffer "austerities?"
Im sorry but its very difficult to get a message out on the net concerning this chap who i know realise is not the "Mr Nice Guy" he likes to parade.
P.S. a couple walked out, with a Prior insult, and a audience member made to look a fool.And thats spiritual?????


I went to a couple of Bernies retreats a few years ago and decided to give him a miss in the end. I was initially attracted to him because he was one of the few "spitirual teachers" who would even touch on the subject of gender and sex.

Sometimes he can produce some very inspiring words and sometimes he is dead boring. He had the ability to produce a huge volume of words, but never really engaged his listeners.

First he declared himself a self-realised man and recently he has added the title of "tantric master" which made me even more sceptical. Nevertheless, if he is in your area I would recommend anyone to go listen to him and form their own opinion. He does not draw huge audiences and although he is not cheap I don't think he is amassing huge fortunes from his work. From my brief time with him I never detected anything hugely abusive. I cant say I ever really felt abused verbally or otherwise.

From what I know I think that there may be a bit of hanky-panky with ladies going on but its not totally clear. For a while he seemed to be very attached to a beautiful woman called Peru but that seems to have dissolved since he became a tantric master.

So he is travelling around the world trying to stir up conciousness. Everyone to their own way, many people were very taken with him and its a lot better than sitting in a room all the time trading shares or something.