What is the advice for a woman who has been alone for more than five years.

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My last relationship ended up being a disaster. I believe that he was more interested in the company of his male friends. In other relationships there was always an availability issue. I am not concerned about the reasons of the past; I would like suggestions regarding the present. I am overall a happy energetic individual. I have close happy associations with family and friends. I recently had a very moving encounter with a long time friend and former lover. There was no sex but an amazing energetic connection. The challange is that I have know moved to another state. Feedback will be apprciated.

Thank You

Hi Serenity

Hi Serenity!

My guess is that you don't need advice. You already know what to look for. It may take some encouragement to stick to your guns and not go back over the same ground. This group is EXCELLENT for encouragement.

I would suggest that you start by looking for an energetic connection INSTEAD of a relationship. Don't use dating web sites or singles events, etc. Is there something you like doing (like a hobby) where you can meet other people? If not, what about taking a night course? Energetic connections can happen with either men or women, and a connection can become a relationship either directly or through someone that your connection knows.

OK - I am going to give you some advice after all. Have fun with this! Treat it as an adventure where the goal is to get to know yourself and others better. With me, each connection I have had with others has taught me something new about myself as well as them. Think of your new home being spread before you like a buffet - feel free to try a little of this and a little of that until you find something you really want to dig in to.


Meditation and focused dreaming

Twenty years ago this summer I gave up dating entirely. My purpose was to relieve myself of the distraction of pursuing unsuitable partners. I replaced dating with a series of meditations that repeated each week. The same night each week just before going to sleep I meditated on my most suitable partner and creating an appropriate and timely coincidence. As part of my meditation, I entered into my mind the intent that my soul would continue with the meditation while I slept. This resulted in some interesting dreams. About a year later I met a woman who is now my wife. The universe did screw with me a little and introduced two others who I had to figure out. One honest woman made it easy to let go, the other , who did not know what she wanted, provided me with a learning experience until I figured out what I wanted. I will always be grateful for that roller coaster experience because I bothered to learn from it rather than blame her.
Your former lover and longtime friend just showed you what you want. Now you know how to recognize it when it happens. Our lovers are such good teachers.