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Hi Marnia,

I havent read your book yet . But the moment I read the word arrow and something on sacred sex , I recollected one of the Osho's discourse on Saraha. The greatest Tantra master in the history. I am sure you must have heard of him. Here is his short story,

"Saraha was born to a Brahmin family in Bengal when Buddhism was strongly supported by the court of the region. Saraha became a Buddhist monk and a noted scholar. However, he was expelled from his monastic order, some stories say for drinking alcohol.

He took to the life of a mendicant, a solitary spiritual wanderer. He became the disciple of a Buddhist master of Tantra and Kundalini practices.

Eventually Saraha met a young woman. She was of the low arrowsmith caste. He watched her intently forming each arrow, her gaze steady and not wandering to the left or the right. Saraha saw these actions symbolic of nondual awareness.

This woman shared similar spiritual aspirations, and the two were married. The couple travelled to holy locations, and cemeteries (considered good places for meditation and confronting the reality of death in the Tantric tradition). Since he could no longer support himself as a begging holy man, Saraha took up the trade of his wife's caste -- an arrowsmith. The name Saraha, in fact, refers to the making of arrows (or, more esoterically, it can be translated as "one who aims through the heart of duality").

The couple meditated deeply together and, it is said, they attained enlightenment together.

As a "fallen" monk, however, Saraha was denounced before the royal court. In his defense, Saraha recited a series of spontaneous realization songs, The Three Cycles of Doha. These songs became famous throughout Bengal, and he was widely acclaimed to be a legitimately realized sage.

Saraha began the Buddhist lineage that led to Naropa, Marpa, and Milarepa."

I have seen many people , who totally misunderstand Tantra as a tool to experiment thier sexuality (A Poisoned Sex : As per Frederich Nietche) . This quote from Nietche that " The teaching of all the religion against sex , have trasfomed sex in to poisoned sexuality" also comes in to my mind when i read your book title.

I will by your book and read it.

Thanks for writing it.

With Love and gratitude

Thanks for answering

In this life everyone and everything is moving towards fulfillment. There is always some portion of the human cosiousness which keeps on reminding the "sense of incompleteness"...this continues untill the final liberation is showered on one.

Man tries to fill this "Sense of incompleteness" with many so-called beautiful things such as ...a beautiful girl,or a car,,sex,book,computer,or writing a blog like this or in the form of doing service to the humanity..and so on..

This "Sense of incompletness" was the very source which drove Buddha to renounce his kingdom and seek truth and drove Saraha to renonce the offer of marrying a beautiful daugter of a mighty king.

This need for the fullfillment to wards acheiving a "Completeness" , manifests in the form of many desires on human emotional plane.

All the techniques that exists in the world so far in the path of liberation have denied this very natural tendency to full fill this "Sense of Incompleteness". Tantra is the only path which allows the human being to evolve in a very natural path by accepting this tendential desires and using them as stepping stones towards liberation. But even in this path of Tantra , Only a very few could successfully walk and cross the ocean of human birth. Why..?

It is because of the poisoned sexuality that started to come in to this world . All that we are thinking and seeing about just a projection of human fantacies on sex. It is not any more a medium of communion...a medium of love.

Even during the sexual process , one partner tries to take the maximum out of the other. Very rarely some flowers blossom during the sex in the form of sharing.
This loss of subtle understanding of sex is missing in most of the Tantrs seekers. Lets hope..through the forums like this..and people like you..Let that art come back alive in to this existance.

With Love

Thanks for your insights

I agree that replacing a subconscious sense of "lack" with a sense of "wholeness" is what makes sacred sex a spiritual path. What I've been learning is that orgasm itself, thanks to the hidden neurochemical cycle that lingers afterward, is part of the challenge here.

When couples make love with the emphasis on generous affection and relax into stillness rather than strive for orgasm, they don't set off those subsequent feelings of lack. Instead they feel more relaxed and "whole," which helps them align with the flow, or Dao, or Divine.

Here are a couple of articles that get at why this is so important as a spiritual matter. Feel free to comment. It's fun comparing notes!

What led you to this path? It's great having you visit.

Great insight on Christ's message to the world

Both articles were really amazing. Very nice amalgamation of different teachings right from Indian tantric tradition to Lao Tzu's Tantric teachings. In India all the female worshipping and female gods came into picture during the days intense Tantric practices. There were 10000 Tantric centres and schools in India and tibet and Nepal. Tibeten Tantric techniques are highly appplicable in the modern days. They mostly involve bredth control and visualisation while making Love.

I did not choose any path. All that comes in my life are chosen by the existance for my learing and for some purpose in this cycle of my birth.

I many time feel ,If there were no religion and techings in this world , what would be path that would potentially carry him towards truth. As my intelligence the answer was always sex. A man or woman gets his first glimpse of God/Love/Piece only during the love making.

But this materialistic mind craves for that experience again and again.

I have met many seekers both man/woman who want to learn meditation and Tantra. But I always say them a day when you have no more craving for the other body , that day the Tantra technique will be blessed on you , with out you asking for it.

Nature is the uiltimate Master. She holds all the techniques in her womb. No need to go and learn from some one. All that we need to do is be open and be receptive. All will be showered.

With Love

I would be happy

to look at anything you suggest. I have to warn you, though, that although I love Osho's writing, I feel like my path is a bit different. I feel like I'm supposed to be learning about relationship as a spiritual vehicle, not sex per se. Most tantra, even the left-hand path, seems to be about a solo spiritual path, with the occasional partner.

Both paths may lead to oneness consciousness, but I think they have different starting points. However, I always like learning new things.