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Blog imageI've just been invited to blog on the Huffington Post, but my post will not see the light of day (that is, it will not be featured on the HP site) until there is traffic to it.

So, if you have a moment, could you visit and, if inspired, comment?


great article

It's a good article and there are a lot of what you would expect - Media brainwashed American's - posting about how Marnia is trying to impose a wierd sex thing on them.
Write a comment. Help out the cause.
Good for you Marnia! Huffington post and your TV spots! You are gaining some momentum! I'm so happy to see it!


Our culture cant separate sex from morality. Your angle is based more in science. When I told my close friends that I was in a sexual recovery program, they had a hard time understanding that I wasnt having a moral crisis (as far as I was concerned, it was free love!). My moral compass was off, but that was the least of my worries. Over time, I had to explain to them that it was something neurochemical and psychological, much like an alcohol or gambling addiction. I still dont think they understand. Its a problem of paradigms. If it were a simple addition of scientific evidence, then this might be acceptable at some point. But since it combines science and what has traditionally been perceived as moral or immoral acts and free will, it challenges a fundamental and emotionally charged belief held in our culture. This isnt a wishy-washy new age pseudo scientific theory made to entertain bored housewives and sell magazines. Paradigms have a hard enough time shifting in totally objective scientific fields with plenty of evidence, imagine a paradigm trying to shift where nobody would want to shift even if it turned out to be true!

But, its never been a popular or mainstream idea, why would it be now? At least it offers a sane and reasonable way to approach intimacy for people who have exhausted themselves with relationships and sex or who are seeking an alternative to conventional relating. In looking at the misery from poor relationships, Im not sure why people would not think that the possible culprit could be something so simple.

I dunno, I dont care, Im enjoying the freedom of having the soundest mind Ive had in 8 years. If people think that jerking off to a pixel is a good idea, I really do not care.

Your thoughts sound like

the ones I had for years before I "went public," only you're more articulate. Smile

Clearly, though, I hadn't understood the extent to which this moral "charge" muddies people's reactions when someone discusses the fact that orgasm may not be all hearts and flowers.

Hopefully science can help people step into observer mode...and then awareness will do the rest as they make their own experiments.

It's ironic that sexual repression still has us by the short hairs...only now it's blinding us in a *different* way from really looking at the full picture.