Beneficial to ejaculate every ONCE in a WHILE?

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Okay, -male here-, I get that orgasming/ejaculating every 1-3. day or so, is way too much. And I've experienced for so many months with NOT masturbating. The effects are life-changing: better health, more stamina, exercising, always in a "decent mood" (not euphoric, like days after orgasm, but I also never have "off-days" (moodswings). I wake up refreshed every day. The latest trend I've noticed is a strong "vibe"/energy when I'm close to another woman, and a feeling "down there". (it's been 8 years since that's happened!). Not like a 12 o'clock erection, just the funny feeling, like butterflies in the penis... :).
No partner yet, but that's gonna take a while I've come to accept (mental issues).
However I'm not satisfied with completely avoiding ejaculation. It seems to me ejaculating every 2-3 week is highly beneficial. You don't get (much) on the dopamine roller coaster, like if you orgasmed every day. And I THINK releasing the excess dopamine buildup after several weeks retention is good for you, plus you release prolactin, which seems to me to be a good thing in this regard. Also serotonin->melatonin. I've noticed my blood pressure and pulse is lower the next days after orgasm.
This clicks perfectly with the age old TAO's recommendation of having sex like every day, and only ejaculating every 14. day or every 3-4. week (also depending on age). I'd be curious if any notice difference in ejaculating every 2-3 week rather than not at all. Any studies? THat'll be cool.
Thanks for any reply.

By the way, as I'm single, I'm simply interested in releasing the chemical buildup through ejaculatiion, not really interested in the masturbating act. (I haven't masturbated in months, but I've had "wet dreams" every 2-3 weeks, and "feel" the abovementioned "positive" effects, therefore I pose the topic in Question)
I'm doing meditation, exercise, oxytocin producing activites, and still it seems I need the "discharge" every once in a while.

There's one way

to find out! Wink Self-observation is better than theory any day. See what you notice and share your experiences.

By the way, don't wait until you're "perfect" to reach out to a potential partner. She's not going to be "perfect," either! Companionship is helpful. In fact, the first Daoist book I read had a similar question by a guy...and the master said..."if you can't stop the wet dreams, then listen to you body and find a woman." The irony is that with a partner, control is potentially easier.

So true!

Aha!! Of course she's not perfect!! You always seem to have a way to put things into perspective, Marnia. :)

I seem to play out the catch-22 on a daily basis. I want to overcome my addiction to find a relationship but having a relationship will help me overcome my addiction. As awkward as the social interaction may feel in a low-oxytocin state, it's critical to get out there looking for goddesses. So true!